Why Our Clients Are Opting for DCN Content Campaigns in 2020

Why Our Clients Are Opting for DCN Content Campaigns in 2020

The year is barely under way, and already our clients are booking up their campaigns with DCN content creators. Since last Spring, we’ve been working not only with our partners but with our own properties to integrate the full suite of contemporary digital media into our campaigns, from YouTube to influencers to podcasts.

We’ve seen many examples of our clients integrating their brands into YouTube content, including fully branded segments and fan-focused special features. Our partners have worked with the DCN to activate their NASCAR team sponsorships, or even find all new race teams to work with.

We’ve worked with the creators ourselves to catapult our digital magazine to a whole new generation of fans, deliver special behind-the-scenes features for fans at home, and provide a unique meeting point for the community to gather in person. Most recently we’ve added gaming and podcasts to the rosters, with even more on the way each month throughout 2020.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why our partners are so eager to incorporate DCN into their 2020 campaigns:

  • Access to New Audiences and Communities – While enormous, many of the most engaging online communities are supported almost entirely with fan contributions! These communities are highly welcoming and ready to return your investment into their passions.
  • Cutting Edge Content – While magazines and event activations are crucial to a good full spectrum campaign, they don’t always get your CMO excited. Incorporating DCN creators puts your brand far ahead of the curve from your competitors and ensures your campaigns are maximizing every advantage.
  • Integration, not Interruption – Hey, when’s the last time you bought something off a banner ad or pre-roll commercial? We can’t remember either. Don’t annoy customers by interrupting their experience when you can work with content creators to be totally integrated – make your brand a part of the show!
  • Authentic Endorsement – DCN creators are selected and vetted from among the most experienced and credible members of their community. They aren’t here to read a script and forget about you, they’re creative professionals delivering premium content that authentically tells your brand’s story.
  • Practical and Affordable – We’ve all seen articles about mega-celebs charging a quarter million dollars for a single Insta story. That’s not the reality of content marketing. We work with every day small business owners to help match them with their fellow entrepreneurs from the content business. They aren’t looking to exploit their fame, they’re seeking investment partners for their online communities.
  • Actionable and Evergreen – Influencer meetups put your product in the hands of fans right now. But they also form a lasting memory. A sponsored video puts fresh content on your company’s social media feed right now. But it also lives on in the algorithm, continually discovering new customers. DCN campaigns aren’t just giving you immediate return, they’re also laying a foundation for your continued endeavors.

How will your brand be integrating new media content like YouTube, influencers, and podcasts in 2020?

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