Toco Warranty Delivers Engaging Content From Influencers to Branded Social Media

Toco Warranty Delivers Engaging Content From Influencers to Branded Social Media

From video to social media, every business needs their content to start a conversation, and the brand must be ready to capitalize on that conversation.

Let’s take a look at how our partners at Toco Warranty are not only understanding this, but also demonstrating it by creating a unique content experience for NASCAR fans.

It starts with a YouTube influencer. Eric Estepp hosts Out of the Groove, a weekly talk show covering NASCAR, with nearly 100,000 subscribers.

Toco Warranty wanted to do something creative with their campaign. The DCN conceptualized and developed a special segment directly visualizing how Toco works and how it can help their customers. Creating content like this – organic, on-point, with a clear call to action – with influencers is a great opportunity for sponsors like Toco to deliver something unique, exciting, and shareable on their own channels.

YouTube Video

Before we go any further, watch the episode!

In the first minute, Toco not only delivers a solid sponsored segment, but they also give the Groovy Gang (Eric’s audience) what they’re asking for in the comments of every video – more skits! And of course, they hit all the hallmarks of native content, from the customized value offer to the clear call to action. The Groovy Gang loved it!

Social Media

But Toco doesn’t let the campaign end there. They started a conversation on YouTube, and they followed it all the way to social media, using their own branded channels to further engage with Eric’s audience on Twitter.

Branded Channels

And the Toco Warranty campaign continues, even after the championships are over. Toco is able to further utilize the Out of the Groove content on their own branded social media channels.

On each platform, they’ve found new opportunities to use their sponsored content to continue the conversation with the online NASCAR fanbase.

If you’d like to find out how you can work with Eric on Out of the Groove, contact Josh Mull at [email protected]