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Get in Touch

Use the form to send a quick message, or please feel free to reach out to a specific team member.

[email protected]


23110 State Road 54
Suite 293
Lutz, FL 33549
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Our Team

Dayne Maasdorp A.E. Engine

Dayne Maasdorp

Vice President, Executive Accounts

[email protected]

Chris Vita A.E. Engine

Chris Vita

Vice President, Motorsports

[email protected]

Justin Hand A.E. Engine

Justin Hand

Director, Motorsports

[email protected]

Mark Morales A.E. Engine

Mark Morales

Director, Motorsports

[email protected]

Josh Mull A.E. Engine

Josh Mull

Director, Digital Creators Network

[email protected]

Nicole Cooper A.E. Engine

Nicole Cooper

Director, Digital Media

[email protected]

Joe Rabuck A.E. Engine

Joe Rabuck

Senior Graphic Designer

[email protected]

Craig Baroncelli A.E. Engine

Craig Baroncelli


[email protected]


David Watson A.E. Engine

David Watson

Vice President, Sales

[email protected]