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How do I get paid?

A.E. Engine requires an invoice which should be completed at or submitted as a formal invoice using an accounting program such as QuickBooks. The invoice must include all of the information listed below to be accepted for processing.

  1. The word INVOICE at the top of the document
  2. Date invoice was being sent to A.E. Engine
  3. Your name
  4. Your full address (for mailing purposes)
  5. Phone number (very important)
  6. A.E. Engine magazine title
  7. Itemized list of articles you wrote with the word count included for each story
  8. If a specific rate was discussed in advance, include it on the invoice in itemized fashion (by article). If not the standard word rate will apply. Standard word rate is the rate mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  9. Total amount of invoice (if that applies)
  10. A note stating whether all stories were submitted by the deadline.

Where do I send the invoice?

If the invoice is completed online, A.E. Engine will receipt the invoice via online submission. If being sent manually, it should be emailed to [email protected]. You can send a confirmation email to Craig Baroncelli at [email protected], and we will confirm receipt of the invoice. Please do not send the invoice to [email protected] as it will not be accepted. Also, in the email subject line, please put the name of the project you are submitting an invoice for. Example: FNF Florida Magazine Invoice

Where will the check come from?

Frequent contributors will be set up in the A.E. Engine invoicing system and paid via Bank of America ACH (automated check). Less frequent contributors will be paid via hard check from A.E. Engine.

What is the writing template?

In some cases, we will provide you with a writing template, which gives you a general format of the feature, including main feature story, sidebar or sidebars. We also ask that you propose a headline and subhead. The template also provides general word counts, although the word count provided to you in the official writing assignment may vary from the template. In this case, please follow the official writing assignment word count request rather than the template. Writers are required to follow the template and any variance from the template without permission may impact your final payment amount.

When will I get paid?

Generally you will be paid 45-60 days after publication of the magazine and/or submission of your invoice, although in some cases you will be paid sooner than that and sometimes later depending upon when the particular magazine is closed. Typically, stories are submitted 4-6 weeks before publication date but can be up to three months prior. An invoice must be submitted in order for a payment to be processed.

Do you need a W9?

Annually, we must have an updated W9 on file. Also, if you move during the year, you are required to submit a new W9 to us with your new contact information. It is your responsibility to submit a W9 annually to ensure we have your correct information on file.

When should I expect my IRS Tax Form 1099?

In January we will distribute 1099 forms for writers and photographers that meet this IRS requirement. These forms will be postmarked by the end of January.

What about the deadline?

In all cases, you will be provided with a writing deadline. It is your responsibility to meet this deadline. A.E. Engine is not required to accept any writing assignments if they do not meet the specified deadline date. Additionally, if your story is submitted past the agreed upon deadline you may be subject to a 25 percent deduction to the invoice for a late submission. This deduction may also apply in situations where an extension is provided.

What resources can and should I employ to write my story?

A.E. Engine expects every freelance writer to provide accurate, researched and referenced stories for submission. We expect stories to be based upon specific interviews with subjects and/or opinions from experts (all stories should involve quotes). Stories should typically involve two sources unless the feature requires only one. Writers should not source themselves in any article, unless specific considerations have been made with A.E. Engine.

Is there an approval process?

In most cases, and typically with frequent contributors, stories are accepted as is as long as the assignment requirements have been met. However, in some cases, we may return the story to you for edits or additions. This will be handled on a case by case basis. Plagiarism is not condoned or accepted in any form. By committing to write for A.E. Engine, you are acknowledging you have permission to provide such work by your fulltime employer.

Additionally, submitted work which does not follow the instructions of the assignment may be subject to a 25 percent fee reduction, as can a submission that requires heavy copy editing and fact checking.

Hey, what about us photographers?

Similar to the writers, photographers must follow the assignment requirements. In addition, photography submitted must meet our quality standards. Photography that does not meet our quality standards will not be utilized in the magazine and the photographer will not be compensated.

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