Sales Account Managers

Sales Account Managers


If you align with one or more of the following then this post is for you.

  • Currently a successful sales person but looking for a new challenge — meaning you want: more independence or (better yet) to make more money.
  • A current or former athlete with a competitive personality
  • A warrior – a hard worker who knows what it takes to compete and to win
  • Still looking for a chance to put your talents on display.
  • A diehard sports fan who wants to work in sports as a career?
  • A “people person” who wants to put those skills to work
  • Work for a sports marketing or publishing company but find yourself in a dead-end position

Well, it’s nice to meet you.

What are we? We are a national sports marketing company seeking individuals who have what it takes to build or continue a successful career in sports marketing. While this post is for a position in our Tampa/St. Petersburg office, your experiences will be with companies across the U.S. Our current stable of partners include NASCAR, golf, high school and youth sports and we offer print, digital and experiential marketing opportunities.

What type of individual do we seek? You must be ultra-competitive, show constant effort, have an insane drive to succeed, be creative, have a positive attitude and be willing to take the steps necessary to succeed. You must embrace sports and love working with people. It will be in your ability to connect to others and learn on the fly that will determine how successful you will become.

What will success look like? When you succeed you will:

  • Manage a stable of clients
  • Proudly own a growing career
  • Be making great money.

Our team is seeking individuals that want to compete. We will provide you with the tools, resources and offerings to be a successful sales person. What we need are career-focused individuals who will do what it takes to succeed and will put in the work to make it happen.

Is this you? If so, here is what you need to do: