K-Seal and Jordan Anderson at Daytona: Content is King

K-Seal and Jordan Anderson at Daytona: Content is King

Having been a supporter of NASCAR media since 2018, K-Seal understood the valuable role that content played in the success of a NASCAR marketing campaign. When they decided to increase their investment in the sport, they not only chose an authentic representative in Jordan Anderson, someone who has personally used their products before, but a driver who has built his own brand around creating the same kind of engaging, fan-focused content that K-Seal has been creating in NASCAR for years.

The media campaign we created for K-Seal and Jordan Anderson was therefore designed to maximize these strengths of content and authenticity.

Traditional Press

The first step, a week out from the race, was the press release.

YouTube Influencers

The same day the press release was making its way through the NASCAR media ecosystem, Jordan personally appeared on Eric Estepp’s Out of the Groove YouTube show.

Jordan’s conversation with Eric, the most popular NASCAR YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers, also led into the next piece of the campaign – the paint scheme reveal.

Branded Social Media

By now the race was only a few days away. This kicked off the next stage of our campaign, and Jordan showed off his specialty of engaging fan content on social media, unleashing a daily drumbeat of photos and videos covering the journey for his audience.

Content like this.

And this.

And also this.

And it all finally culminated with his last content before the race.

And that should have been about where our story ends. Nothing left but to tally up all the TV time from the race. And thanks to Jordan’s unique strategy of incorporating his YouTube friends, our content campaign for K-Seal was already set to cruise past their estimated target of 2.5 million impressions.

Rolling Storylines

All in all, it was a highly successful content partnership between Jordan Anderson Racing and K-Seal. At every step of the way, we made sure K-Seal was incorporated into the content and made a part of the show. And the audience was no random bucket of internet eyeballs, all of the content was focused on authentic NASCAR fans who recognize and engage with the sponsors who power their sport.

The End? Not even close.

If you’ve been following along with Jordan Anderson Racing lately, you might have guessed his journey was going to go farther than a few million impressions. You might have read about his new crew chief in NASCAR Pole Position, or you might have seen his tweets about a new partnership with AM Racing. You might have even picked up on some of his strategy from his interview on Out of the Groove.

Certainly that’s what NASCAR fans were finding when they rushed to their computers and started frantically Googling “Jordan Anderson” on Friday night after his spectacular second place finish. His final stretch battle with race winner Grant Enfinger was enough to send his story viral.

This was a perfect storm of exposure. This highlight video and other stories sat on the front page of NASCAR.com for three days thanks to rain delay. Further, it was the biggest three days of the entire season, with everyone who came to the site for times, channels, and so on all greeted with the blowout highlights from Friday night.

The hard numbers on these videos are fantastic, with every viewer spending a long time with the branding, every video getting over 80,000 views, and there being dozens of these highlight and interview clips out there.

But more importantly, what was the impact for K-Seal? The final numbers for the weekend were around 16,000,000, over six times the initial goal. But who are those people? These were all NASCAR fans. Normally we talk about them in clinical percentages, the 94% of fans who identify their favorite driver with their sponsors and so on. But K-Seal’s partnership with Jordan Anderson Racing got to see this supportive community in action.

Fan Engagement

Following Jordan’s stunning performance, fans rushed to social media to show their support. Not just to Jordan Anderson, but to his sponsor, K-Seal.

“Thank you for supporting Jordan,” one says, “thank you for coming into the sport,” says another. One even goes so far as to say “I’ll be buying K-Seal tomorrow hoping it stops a small head gasket leak on my truck.” And no, that kind of direct conversion isn’t unique. Some even reached out to Jordan directly to say the same.

This is the power of a NASCAR campaign built on authenticity and content. K-Seal helped create a huge amount of engagement and excitement online leading up to the race, and had laid a perfect foundation of media for when their moment went viral. And all of it was focused on a fanbase that wholeheartedly rewards this kind of investment in their favorite sport.

Ongoing Value

And the campaign continues, with pre-orders already under way massively successful for the limited edition diecast, along with a continued content campaign in the next issue of NASCAR Pole Position. The 1:24 diecast will be available online, and the 1:64 diecast will be sold at Walmarts around the country starting in October – all featuring the spectacular K-Seal paintscheme.

Final Impressions:

  • Web: 10,000,000
  • Social: 2,500,000
  • TV: 3,500,000
  • TOTAL: 16,000,000