Stuck Indoors? Here’s Five Ways We’re Beating Boredom with Content

Stuck Indoors? Here’s Five Ways We’re Beating Boredom with Content

Like many across the country, we here at A.E. Engine are carrying on our normal operations remotely for the next while. But being stuck working from home doesn’t have to mean total boredom. While live events are being postponed, the world of online content is kicking in to high gear to meet this extraordinary audience demand.

Here’s five things to check out while we’re all stuck indoors.

5. ROAR! keeps you up to speed on the latest in the NASCAR Online Community


While the Cup Series race in Atlanta was postponed this past weekend, the NASCAR online community was there to keep up the pace with the Replacements 100. Using iRacing, both esports drivers and IRL drivers like Dale, Jr. put on an exciting virtual race at Atlanta. And ROAR! of course has the details on how it all went down. Plus, reporter Rob Tiongson helps cut through the social media noise by bringing you the best of Reddit and Twitter, and Jared Turner has five classic NASCAR races – full races! – you just have to watch this week.

Check out the latest issue here.

4. Out of the Groove continues the NASCAR conversation on YouTube with the latest news and discussion


YouTuber Eric Estepp keeps the content flowing on YouTube, covering the news and speculation surrounding the sport, as well as a variety of other features like his stop motion racing, track visits, and even live streaming some NASCAR Heat 4 with his audience, the Groovy Gang.

Check out his channel here.

3. Lono’s SNTR Presents interactive podcast covers the biggest new releases in online gaming


Hit live service game Destiny 2 just released a brand new season of content, it’s third since going free to play, along with the return of Trials of Osiris, a fan favorite competitive mode that’s brought even old players back into the fold. Twitch streamer Lono and his SNTR Presents podcast on YouTube offer daily episodes of an “interactive podcast,” where viewers post their questions and Lono discusses the issues live with the chatroom audience. Not only that, but he’s also put together a special program showcasing his experience as an esports caster as other popular streamers compete in the Trials of Osiris.

Check out his YouTube channel here.

2. FNF Coaches keeps the HSFBC community plugged into the online conversation


FNF Coaches Editor-in-Chief Dan Guttenplan posts every day on his blog FNF Coaches Talk, a run down of the best content online for high school football coaches. It’s a great way to stay up to speed on the latest strategy tips, interviews, and videos from around the world of sports and social media. Plus, Dan also hosts the FNF Coaches podcast where each episode he interviews coaches from around the country, like the most recent covering the making of a winning culture with Illinois State Champion Coach Aaron Kunz.

Check out the FNF Coaches platform here.

1. NASCAR Pole Position is ahead of the pack, right where you want it


The latest issue of NASCAR Pole Position is out to subscribers and on store shelves now. This issue features an interview with Natalie Decker and Brehanna Daniels, along with features on Jordan Anderson, Matt DiBenedetto, and more. Best of all, NASCAR Pole Position is and always has been FREE, so you can grab your copy from Wal-Mart or Kroger while you’re out stocking up.

And of course, it’s always available in digital format here.