Jordan Anderson Racing: Bringing Partnerships Together with Theme Trucks

Jordan Anderson Racing: Bringing Partnerships Together with Theme Trucks

Jordan Anderson has always been committed to bringing new fans into the sport of NASCAR, but few realize the extent to which this applies to welcoming new partners to the sport as well.

NASCAR has some of the most passionate and brand loyal fans when it comes to sports, and many sponsors have found their brands becoming iconic after just a few trips through victory lane. It’s no wonder this is why Jordan made new partners one of the central goals of his latest content offering –  NASCAR theme trucks.

Theme Trucks allow a group of like minded partners to team up and enter the NASCAR space together, allowing all of them to reap the benefits of a NASCAR activation while at the same time bolstering their name and place in the industry.

First up, U.S. LawShield®, Vaultek and SAR USA debuted on the No. 3 U.S. LawShield / SAR USA / Vaultek “Race to Freedom” Chevrolet Silverado on July 18 at Texas Motor Speedway.

When working with Jordan Anderson Racing, partners are not only becoming part of the race experience on the vehicle, but are also taking advantage of Jordan’s enormous online fanbase.

With over 80,000 followers across his social media, Jordan has developed a reputation for creating engaging content that helps bring his partners and his fanbase together. This makes him the perfect brand ambassador for these partners. The fact that all three partners share a market and a demographic allows Jordan to tell the story that much clearer and louder.

Each partner gets a chance to shine through and tell their own story, while also playing off the fact that they all belong together on the track.

These theme truck partnerships also play perfectly with Jordan’s online video content. Not just the hype videos as seen above, but also when appearing on his friend Eric Estepp’s Out of the Groove show. Eric is the most popular NASCAR content creator on YouTube, with over 120,000 subscribers.

Eric is also a passionate NASCAR fan himself, and loves to get a sneak peek at Jordan’s new truck designs, as well as interviews giving an insider’s perspective on how these partnerships are helping Jordan to achieve results.

This is the marketing power of the theme truck campaigns. All three partners are able to invest in Jordan Anderson Racing and the fanbase, while at the same time combining their strengths to tell an even more impactful story to their customers.

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