ROAR! Magazine: Viewer’s Guide for the Modern, Mobile NASCAR Fan

ROAR! Magazine: Viewer’s Guide for the Modern, Mobile NASCAR Fan

The ROAR! Of the Engine

ROAR! Weekly Race Magazine is the digital sister publication of the flagship print magazine NASCAR Pole Position. It was created originally as a passion project, born out of the Pole Position creators’ desire to continue telling NASCAR stories in between each issue of the magazine. ROAR! was crafted specifically to reflect the unique clamor and passion of the NASCAR fanbase, the same passion that drove the editorial team to tell new stories every week.

Track Primers and other viewer’s guides helped ROAR! become a fan’s must-read each week

ROAR! quickly amassed tens of thousands of email subscribers, boosted not only by the earned credibility of the existing NASCAR Pole Position audience, but by the convenience of its digital form. Much like the web versions of Pole Position, ROAR!’s digital format provides a seamless reading experience on mobile, complete with intuitive navigation and full in-article functionality.

The combination of mobile convenience and viewer’s guide content like Track Primers, Drivers to Watch, and Lessons Learned turned ROAR! into a must-read source for NASCAR fans both at home, and also at our live track activations.

ROAR! is now in its seventh year of publication, with 72 different editions, over 90,000 subscribers, and a readership of over a million NASCAR fans.

The ROAR! Of the Crowd

These key features of ROAR! so far described – the mobile convenience, the non-stop weekly drumbeat of content, the interactive format – all were little more than digital bells and whistles when ROAR! first began. But as more and more of the NASCAR fan base cut their cords and turned to digital content, ROAR! was already prepared with the infrastructure to not only survive the changing media ecosystem, but thrive in it.

Authentic NASCAR fan voices take center stage in the new era of ROAR!

The all-mobile 24/7 digital news cycle has created new problems for NASCAR fans – how can you reasonably keep up with dozens of YouTubers, thousands of tweets, hundreds of Reddit posts, and that on top of keeping up with the sport itself – news, cable programs, live events – it never ends!

ROAR!’s role in this environment has transformed it into a new kind of “viewer’s guide” – built for the modern, mobile NASCAR fan. The YouTube community has stepped in to fill the void of daily trending, topical content, and ROAR! Has partnered with the most popular and influential creators in the scene, including Eric Estepp, Danny B Talks, and Black Flags Matter.

The sport itself has gone through changes, and ROAR! has adapted to keep pace. With the recent spate of A-list retirements from the NASCAR ranks, all eyes are on the younger generation. ROAR!’s driversity of coverage now covers everything from the eNASCAR Pro League to interviews with drivers from the European series. ROAR!, for example, has grown to be one of the most reliable sources for coverage on eNASCAR’s iRacing esports series – a far cry from its beginnings as an all-Sprint Cup publication!

Rich video, QR codes, and direct links are all ways clients are able to engage the ROAR! fanbase.

Even supporters of the ROAR! Community have kept speed with the new media era, with brands utilizing the very same interactive multimedia capabilities as the content creators in order to engage the NASCAR fanbase. With everything from embeddable video to a literal “buy now” capability, brands use ROAR! to create a premium digital content experience commensurate with what the ROAR! audience has come to expect.

On social media is where all of the community comes together in one place, and one can really hear the roar of the crowd. YouTube influencers, writers, sponsors, drivers, and fans come together to drive the weekly NASCAR conversation, filling that ever present need for sharable, activated digital content.

Want to join the ROAR! Community and become part of the trending NASCAR conversation? NASCAR fans can get a free lifetime subscription to ROAR! at or texting #ROAR to 72345.