Joe’s Knows Video: How to Do YouTube Sponsorships Right

Joe’s Knows Video: How to Do YouTube Sponsorships Right

When you think of sponsored YouTube content, you probably imagine the worst examples.

For instance, the obnoxious pre-roll commercial. You click on a video you want, but before you can watch it, your time is interrupted and you’re forced to sit through a video press release.

When’s the last time you actually bought something you saw in one of these ads? Uninviting distribution, unappealing content, and unacceptable results. We hate it, too.

So, we changed it. We want our partners to be celebrated, integrated, and satisfied. Here’s a textbook example of how one of our partners, Joe’s Hand Cleaners, is doing just that by creating trending, topical content in the NASCAR YouTube Community, and helping set a new standard for native video advertising content.

Celebrate Your Support for the Fans


These are not just cold, transactional commercial reads. Every sponsored segment represents an investment in the fandom, the industry, and the community.

Just like the sponsorships in motorsports means paying for tires, better equipment, and more races for the drivers, sponsorships in YouTube mean more episodes and more content for the audience. Your support for the show is support for the community, and that’s worth celebrating!

Even before the sponsored segment begins, host Eric Estepp is already excitedly pointing to his hat and giving a shout out to Joe’s Hand Cleaner, excited to show his audience what they’re making possible with their support.

Join the Cast, Make Your Debut

That relationship, sponsors empowering content creators, is at the heart of what makes native video campaigns so well received by audiences. At no point is the show ever stopped or interrupted. The channel is about NASCAR, the fans are here to talk about NASCAR, and Joe’s Hand Cleaner delivers that with no friction and no wasted time.

No, it’s not just the Joe’s Hand Cleaner logo on screen, it’s not the Joe’s Hand Cleaner product in Eric’s hand, and it’s not even that cool Joe’s Hand Cleaner hat Eric is wearing. Joe’s is integrated directly into the content, right down to the verbiage (i.e. which driver needs some Joe’s Hand Cleaner to clean up their metaphorical mess in the playoff standings).

And with their time in the spotlight, Joe’s is also able to tell their own story as part of the conversation. Eric ties their support for Out of the Groove back to their broader for support for motorsports, as well as their unique history.

Get Involved, Get Results

It’s a clear and concise call to action, all the way down. The YouTube video drives users to the contest, which drives them to Joe’s social accounts, which drives them to their vendors for the final step in the funnel.

To the user, the ecosystem is clear – support Out of the Groove by supporting Joe’s Hand Cleaner, which can be done by supporting your local O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. Yes, Joe’s even worked in their own partners to the campaign, that’s how genuinely they took to the community aspect of sponsored YouTube content.

When we describe this campaign as “textbook,” don’t get it twisted. It’s a masterclass. Joe’s Hand Cleaner is working with Out of the Groove to set new industry expectations for sponsored video content.

No more pre-rolls, no more cold logos, no more interruptions. Be celebrated, be integrated, and be satisfied with the results.