Lono and “Say No To Rage” Bring Gaming Podcasts to the Digital Creators Network

Lono and “Say No To Rage” Bring Gaming Podcasts to the Digital Creators Network

The Digital Creators Network was developed to help our clients go beyond traditional ad products and tap into the cutting-edge, premium content available on YouTube, Twitch, and social media. Lono and his Say No To Rage channel offers the perfect example of this kind of interactive, highly engaging gaming content as the latest DCN partner.

Lono is an experienced streamer, host, and shoutcaster. Every day on Twitch he hosts an interactive podcast, “SNTR Presents,” which allows viewers to post their own questions live and participate in the discussion. Live chat rooms are a staple of the Twitch streaming experience, but combining it with the daily podcasting structure is part of what makes Lono unique among his peers.

The live podcast is recorded and syndicated across YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify, taking his show to all new audiences. Subjects on the podcast can range from guest interviews, gaming news, game reviews and of course the Destiny video game franchise (Lono’s main game). Reaching thousands of people every single day, Lono is less of a streamer and more a one-man media outlet.

SNTR Presents, with its daily interactive content across so many platforms, offers the perfect opportunity for our partners to step into the world of Twitch streaming, podcasts, and online gaming in one complete partnership. With his professionalism and experience, Lono is able to incorporate his partners into the show seamlessly, along with integrations on social media, Twitch chat, and sharable content for your branded accounts.

To find out more about Lono and SNTR Presents, check out the Online Media Kit here.