Inside the A.E. Engine & Out of the Groove Content Marketing Platform

Inside the A.E. Engine & Out of the Groove Content Marketing Platform



The A.E. Engine & Out of the Groove platform is a way for NASCAR fans to engage and stay up to date with their favorite online community across media and devices. The platform combines YouTube, social media, podcasts, email, mobile news, and even the classic NASCAR Pole Position Magazine. Fans will be able to consume and interact with content from their favorite creators anytime and anywhere they want.

The way it works starts with each piece of the platform producing its own unique and authentic NASCAR content, whether it be a feature article or a YouTube video or a podcast episode. Those unique pieces then all connect to each other, providing fans with endless options to engage with the community as they want. Listen to the podcasts and you’ll find out about the weekly viewer’s guide. Read the viewer’s guide and you’ll find out about the YouTube channel. Watch the YouTube channel to find out the latest cool story in NASCAR Pole Position. All of the pieces connect.

The platform was created to answer the needs of our clients for a complete NASCAR marketing package. The platform allows our clients to reach the toughest audiences in modern media – the young, always online crowd – and not only reach them once, but to touch every piece of content they engage with in the space. These are not programmatic buckets of eyeballs, the platform allows our clients to directly support the authentic, creative content that the NASCAR online audience loves.

OOTG on YouTube


Eric Estepp’s Out of the Groove YouTube channel leads the way on the platform. Out of the Groove is the #1 NASCAR news and talk show on YouTube. Eric’s audience, the Groovy Gang, tunes in every week to stay up to speed and be part of the online conversation. Drivers and VIPs stop by all the time, including Jordan Anderson, Matt Kenseth, Hailie Deegan, and more.

With over 140,000 subscribers and videos nearly every day of the week, Out of the Groove is the perfect starting point for the NASCAR online community.

Check out these awesome episode examples:

Learn more about Out of the Groove and YouTube here:

OOTG Podcast Network

The Out of the Groove Podcast Network is an ever expanding collection of NASCAR podcasts, each one offering unique content and individual, authentic voices from the NASCAR community.

The “NASCAR Weekly Podcast” features YouTubers Eric Estepp, Danny B Talks, the Iceberg, and Black Flags Matter every week live on YouTube. Each episode they interview NASCAR drivers and VIP, as well as spotlight important creators in the online community. The audience participates live in the chat room as the hosts review the last race in-depth, and then give their takes on the race to come.

The “A Lifetime in NASCAR” podcast features NASCAR writers and historians Aaron Clay Burns and Ben White taking a look at the current events of the sport through the lens of the past. They share anecdotes from their lifetimes covering the sport, including the King Richard Petty demanding an audience over one of their articles, and what it’s like hanging out in Japan with none other than Dale Earnhardt.

The network continues to expand, and new shows will be premiering soon. The network format allows our partners to reach the entire NASCAR podcast audience consistently each month, no matter how large the network grows.

Click here to find out more about the podcast network, and listen to a recent show here:

OOTG Weekly Viewer’s Guide

One of the most exciting pieces of the platform, the Out of the Groove Weekly Viewer’s Guide is Eric Estepp’s takeover of the digital magazine formerly known as ROAR! But it’s not just the name. As Editor in Chief, Eric is making big changes across the board.

The format of the magazine is now custom built for mobile platforms, with responsive content on any iOS, Android, tablet, Mac or PC. All of this is done without any compromise to the premium magazine experience, and further adds even more ways for our clients to engage directly with the readers. Advertising, and all messaging for that matter, also utilizes dynamic design, animation and videos. This will allow the magazine to interact with fans in a new and exciting way.

The content is also changing, with Eric working directly with the writers to create exclusive cross-media content bridging the weekly viewer’s guide together with YouTube, podcasts, and more. But don’t worry, everything fans loved about ROAR! will not only remain, but be expanded even further. The viewer’s guide will still be the easiest, most convenient way to get a bird’s eye view of the NASCAR online community, but will also feature even more creators and influencers from around the NASCAR community.

Learn more about the Weekly Viewer’s Guide here:


A.E. Engine NASCAR Marketing Platform 

All of these exciting new digital content channels are also fully integrated with the rest of the A.E.’s NASCAR marketing engine. Our clients are already working with us on activations across the Out of the Groove platform, the Driver Partnership Program, Trackside Events, and of course, NASCAR Pole Position, the officially licensed NASCAR magazine.

NASCAR Pole Position will also be integrated with the Out of the Groove platform, featuring content offering more ways for fans to engage with the sport online, spotlights on the best NASCAR creators out there, and more content on the cutting edge of NASCAR, like iRacing and esports.

Learn more about the entire Platform here:

To discuss ways to engage your brand on the Out of the Groove platform, please contact Craig Baroncelli at [email protected]