NASCAR is Trendy With Young Audiences Again

NASCAR is Trendy With Young Audiences Again

We’ve talked here before about how NASCAR has exploded in popularity in 2020, despite the setbacks of COVID, cancellations, and more. We’ve even talked about how that audience is young, online, and fully engaged with the sport.

Well, now we have some market research to back up what we’re seeing in our own analytics, comments, and client impact.

What exactly is this data firm measuring? Note that these rankings are based on “consumers who say they would consider purchasing from a brand.” Not only is the audience growing, but influencers like Eric Estepp on Out of the Groove are helping to drive purchases among the fanbase.

Check out the video above as Eric goes into great detail on why exactly 2020 was such a banner year for NASCAR, and why that hype is carrying so strongly into 2021.

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