Three Hidden Success Metrics for Clients Found on Out of the Groove (2022 Update!)

Three Hidden Success Metrics for Clients Found on Out of the Groove (2022 Update!)

Our Out of the Groove clients are familiar with the quality of host Eric Estepp’s production and the impact of his call to action. From branded segments to customized skits for social media accounts, our clients consistently mention the amazing results that Eric and his Groovy Gang (the OOTG community) can have on their business. It is a highly impactful because is it visual, runs for an extended period of time, and is engaging (as they watch the episode clients are drawn to the influx of positive feedback in the comments and chat — “Man Lionell is bringing their A-Game”, “Props for that Swann advertisement lmao”, and “When Eric does a skit, you know it’s gonna be good.”

But this leaves little time for discussion about the top line numbers of Out of the Groove — the quantitative details that illustrate the real strength our clients are tapping into. With that, let’s take a quick dive into the baseline analytics for Out of the Groove and find out some of the most important lessons.

Not just Millions of Impressions, but Millions of High Quality Impressions

In 2021, Out of the Groove averaged around 1,000,000 total views per month. In 2022, it has grown to over 2 million views per month. Our clients have reaped the rewards of this astonishing growth in audience reach and impressions, but let’s dig even deeper into the numbers to find out just why they’re having so much success.

The industry standard for measuring a single impression is that more than 50% of your brand’s logo is visible on screen for a minimum of 2 seconds. Yikes! That’s a pretty low bar for what counts as a success for your business, right?

When looking at Out of the Groove’s analytics, however, we see that Eric’s audience, the Groovy Gang, tunes in for an average of over ten minutes per episode!

That means Out of the Groove doesn’t deliver “clicks,” it delivers a high quality content experience that our clients get to be a part of. The audience gets the whole message and call to action, and our clients see the results!

Reaching the Most Mobile and Choosey Fan Demographics in Modern Motorsports

In the age of streaming video and social media, traditional sports have struggled to maintain interest among the younger demographics. While new fans are highly engaged online with their sports fandoms nearly every day, these audiences are completely missed by traditional TV-focused campaigns.

Put bluntly, NASCAR has millions of young fans, you just don’t hear from them. Until, that is, you look into the numbers on Out of the Groove. Who are those 2 million NASCAR fans that tune into Eric every month?

They’re predominantly male (almost 90%!) and overwhelmingly lie in the 18 – 34 demographic. Over 1.7 million are in the United States, and are spread nationwide. Of course, you see the important NASCAR regional hotspots – North Carolina, Florida, etc. But New York and Illinois? California?! These are the core NASCAR fans that our clients can only reach through Out of the Groove. Young men who are passionate enough to engage with the sport day in and day out, but who experience it entirely through the spectrum of YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Professional Brand Ambassador, not just Influencer, for Social Media Campaigns

Speaking of Twitter, the impact for our individual clients is very similar to YouTube. They love being part of the daily conversation with the Groovy Gang and the new customers that it brings to their channels. And of course, every business needs a constant supply of content for their own social media accounts, and Out of the Groove skits and engagements fit that need quite nicely.

Let’s dig into the analytics, and see the underlying metrics that are driving our clients success on social media.

In 2022, Eric averages around 3 to 5 million impressions per month just on Twitter. A single Tweet by itself does an average of 10,000 impressions. His Twitter account drives thousands of clicks of web traffic every month, and his posts earn over 2,500 Likes per day – even when he doesn’t Tweet at all!

But who are these followers engaging with him at such an extraordinary rate? They’re major current and former NASCAR drivers like Kyle Petty and Landon Cassill. They’re key endemic media personalities like Jeff Gluck and Jayski. They’re young drivers like Hailie Deegan, Ryan Vargas, and Natalie Decker. He has worked closely with the NASCAR Heat and iRacing communities, broadcasting two esports events so far in 2020 on Out of the Groove – which is why you’ll find folks like former NFL star Bernard Pollard, now a major fixture in the NASCAR iRacing scene.

Not only is Eric reaching the next generation of NASCAR fans, he is doing it with professionalism and credibility, and with the rapt attention of his peers in the NASCAR industry.

Three Takeaways – Hidden Success Metrics for Clients on Out of the Groove

  • Out of the Groove incorporates the client into the content and delivers high quality engagement directly with the audience
  • Our clients are able to reach demographics previously unavailable and targeted to deliver mass results
  • Out of the Groove represents our clients professionally and authentically across the NASCAR industry