How to Get Conversions with Out of the Groove Partnerships

How to Get Conversions with Out of the Groove Partnerships

While a lot of content sponsorships are aimed at impressions – getting your brand out there is extremely important – an oft forgotten piece of the campaign is the actual conversion. How do you convince the viewer to actually follow through on the campaign call to action?

Here is one way to get it done. 

We combined two of the things NASCAR fans love – merchandise they can keep forever, and a memorable paint scheme – for one of the most unique promotions we’ve ever done. We did so by combining the forces of Out of the Groove and Xfinity Series driver Ryan Vargas of JD Motorsports. 

It worked like this:

We arranged for space on the rear quarter panel of Vargas’ No. 6 car at this year’s fall Xfinity race at Daytona. In that space we would run a decal – a nameplate if you will – of 100 names – the names of all the customers who participated in the promotion. 

To get a name on the car, the fan needed to subscribe to NASCAR Pole Position. The cost for the one year subscription was $30. 

We determined a fan would want to get involved with this promotion, for one of three reasons: 

  • “I can get a subscription to NASCAR Pole Position AND my name on a NASCAR car.” 
  • “I can get my name on a NASCAR car and get a subscription for free!”
  • “I can help out Eric and Out of the Groove and get my name on a car and get a subscription to NASCAR Pole Position.” 

How we rolled the promotion out to the community

Eric began one of his episodes publicizing the promotion, creating the call to action while emphasizing urgency. See the video below to see how he did it.

Did it work?

Afterless than 2 hours, all 100 of the subscriptions were sold, and 100 NASCAR fans were set to see their name on a real race car going around Daytona while getting a year-long subscription to NASCAR Pole Position. Beyond the conversions – 100 units sold – Ryan Vargas was also able to use it to promote on social media which provided extra exposure for the program.

The same occurred on Out of the Groove’s social media:

Post event, we provided the 100 subscribers with a photo and a plaque acknowledging their involvement in this unique program.

100 Fans on Ryan Vargas' Car at Daytona

We found that the recipe for success with this type of program is as follows:

  • Great Match: A product targeting NASCAR Fans – NASCAR fans love NASCAR merchandise, so a subscription to NASCAR Pole Position magazine was a no-brainer.
  • Call to Action: Out of the Groove is your promotional soapbox – the program’s mouthpiece. Eric’s emphatic and dramatic promotion of the program brought the opportunity to life. 
  • Perfect Timing: A limited time window – this was not a campaign spread over months, but a very short window of just 24 hours. The contest took place the week before the Daytona race, so everyone knew there was limited time to act to get your name on the car’s paint scheme.
  • The Website (ordering platform): The website featured a countdown component featuring both the length of time the promotion would run and also a countdown from 100 to 0 in terms of the number of spots available in the promotion. It was clean and simple to understand – which made the ordering process seamless.
  • Perfect Partners: Both Eric Estepp and Ryan Vargas are influential with the NASCAR online community on social media – the chance to appear with them on their car was too good to pass up. 

This is one way you can use your Out of the Groove partnership to quickly drive conversions (sales) for your product. Find the right product, the right timeline, and our team will make sure it winds up in the hands of NASCAR fans.

Your product needs to be the next one driving clicks and appearing in the mailboxes of NASCAR fans.

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