A.E. Engine Launches New NASCAR Weekly Viewers Guide Platform

A.E. Engine Launches New NASCAR Weekly Viewers Guide Platform

Staff Report

A.E. Engine recently debuted a new platform for NASCAR’s weekly Out of the Groove Viewers Guide.

Through the Nxtbook platform, A.E. Engine created a premier mobile-friendly digital magazine, giving NASCAR fans something they could not previously experience.

Click here to view the first edition of Out of the Groove Viewers Guide.  

The benefits of the new publication platform include:

It’s responsive — meaning it is built for mobile, tablet, and computer screens.

Take a look at this publication on your phone. It’s easy to read and navigate while providing the visual quality of a print publication. Our digital magazines are responsive to the screen they are being viewed on. The viewing experience on a desktop computer is different than on a mobile phone. The same goes for laptops and tablets. Our magazine reformats itself to fit the reader’s screen size. When they view the magazine on a mobile phone, no pinching or expanding is required … the reader will think they are viewing a web page. 

A companion to a website.

The platform does not take the place of a website; rather, it complements it with timely content that can be digested in an easy-to-read format in a way that is more engaging than a standard web page. What a well thought out magazine can provide that a website cannot is a reading experience that engages the reader in a flowing, contextual experience. Magazines tell stories, websites share information. Magazines have a flow — a beginning, middle, and an end — which allows for an extended opportunity to engage and interact. 

Easy to share on social media.

Some publication platforms do not allow content providers to share links to specific pages within a digital publication. The Nxtbook platform does. For example, here’s a link to a driver profile in this edition of Out of the Groove Viewers Guide.

Fully SEO optimized.

What does this mean? It means that every word in every article is trackable in a Google search. Google can account for the contents of this magazine, giving it a wider reach among NASCAR fans. 

Better presentation and flexibility for advertisers.

As you can see with this La Paz advertisement, the platform makes the ad “pop” while also offering freedom and flexibility for partners to create compelling digital advertising. Advertisers have the power to not only design campaigns to fit different screens, but also embed interactive elements such as video, gifs and links in their ad. We can also provide analytics that track how many readers are redirected to partner websites.

Interactive user experience.

The platform allows for videos, gifs and other technology that newer generations of fans enjoy sharing on social media. Check out the presentation of Eric Estepp’s Favorite Finds.

To learn more about this magazine, or to discuss marketing and advertising opportunities, please contact Craig Baroncelli at [email protected] or 727.209.1750.