Swann Case Study

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Swann Security Uses Creativity to Demonstrate their Product on Out of the Groove

  • Client: Swann Security
  • Category: Digital Content

Swann Security is a leading brand in DIY video security, and they have extensive experience in creative digital marketing, including everything from influencer unboxings to ninja-themed social media videos. When entering the online NASCAR community, they sought to deliver something truly unique and special to create a lasting impression. 


  • Swann Security is no stranger to working with digital content creators, so they knew they wanted to create something fun and special for Eric’s community
  • We wanted to fully demonstrate Eric using the Swann system, and incorporating it directly into his life
  • Swann also wanted to use the opportunity to highlight their exclusive retail partners, Best Buy and Menard’s, within the content.


  • Eric created a custom skit based organically around his traveling and securing his studio and NASCAR memorabilia collection, humorously incorporating his favorite NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth
  • Through the skit, Eric demonstrated utilizing the Swann Enforcer system, including the remote monitoring and siren alarms, all embedded within the content
  • Eric also highlighted Swann’s retail partners by directly incorporating it into his call to action for the audience


    • Eric’s audience loves when he gets to do funny skits, and Swann provided the opportunity to deliver that to the audience and make a special connection with them.
    • Swann’s creative approach ensured that the audience will remember and appreciate their support of the Out of the Groove community and in doing so created organic brand awareness. 
    • Swann further maximized their content by utilizing it on their own social media accounts


  • Over 34,000 Video Views on YouTube
  • Over 10,000 Impressions on Twitter
  • Great feedback with more than 395 audience comments
    • “That sponsor part was really funny”
    • “Props for that swann advertisement lmao”
    • “When Eric does a skit, you know it’s gonna be good”

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