A Look at How We Create Custom Video Content

A Look at How We Create Custom Video Content

How do we create custom video content that really succeeds with NASCAR fans? Today we’ll answer that by looking at some of our projects we’ve created in partnerships, ranging from Out of the Groove to Circle B Diecast to the Daily Downforce platform.

Moonshine & Motorsports Trail

When the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources launched its Moonshine & Motorsports Trail initiative, they tapped the Daily Downforce to help get the message out to NASCAR fans nationwide. 

First, the Daily Downforce sent Eric Estepp (Out of the Groove) to North Carolina to travel the Moonshine & Motorsports Trail for himself. He chronicled his journey both on the Out of the Groove YouTube channel as well as the Daily Downforce content hub. These videos accrued over 160,000 views.

You can view every episode of our North Carolina adventure here

Following the success of the tour, NCDNCR partnered with the Daily Downforce to create a new show dedicated to the Moonshine & Motorsports Trail. Hosted by NASCAR historian Rick Houston, the show runs twice a month, with each episode featuring an interview with an expert on North Carolina’s amazing history with bootlegging and the birth of NASCAR.

You can follow that show here.

The Daily Downforce YouTube

The Daily Downforce was created as a content hub for NASCAR content across all the most popular platforms, from the web to social media to video. So following the successful launch of the Daily Downforce website last spring, we launched our own dedicated YouTube channel.

Hosted by John Rizzo (a veteran of the YouTube gaming space), the Daily Downforce channel features multiple new videos every week, including both full-length videos and YouTube #Shorts. Rather than focusing on news and opinion, the channel is dedicated to the conversations of NASCAR fans online. 

The channel hit YouTube’s monetization threshold in its first month (4000+ hours of watchtime) and in its first six months has accrued 5,000 subscribers and over 1 million views.

You can watch the Daily Downforce on YouTube here.

Power Hour Presented by Circle B Diecast

Circle B Diecast is one of the most trusted names in NASCAR collectibles, so when they approached us with a desire for custom content, we knew we had to combine impeccable NASCAR credibility with our signature style of community-focused conversations. That’s where the Power Hour Presented by Circle B Diecast grew from.

Hosted by Eric Estepp (Out of the Groove) and Brennan Poole (veteran NASCAR driver), Power presents a monthly conversation between our two hosts and a guest NASCAR driver, ranging from active big names like Daniel Suarez to legendary icons like Mark Martin. 

The show is now in its second season and has even been invited by NASCAR for live shows at multiple races already this season. Together, the partnership with Circle B Diecast has brought in over 110,000 views on YouTube and entertained hundreds of fans live at the track.

You can follow every episode of the Power Hour Presented by Circle B Diecast here.

Groovy Hollow Annual Charity Race

In order to leverage his platform to give back to the community, Eric Estepp (Out of the Groove) partnered with us to produce the Legend of Groovy Hollow, an annual iRacing event streamed online to raise money for Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network program. 

Groovy Hollow does something unique with almost every single facet of the event, from social media contests to live donation incentives to paint scheme voting. We make sure that fans have dozens of ways to engage with the program and help give back to Extra Life.

Since it began, the annual Groovy Hollow event has reached over 50,000 NASCAR fans and helped raise over $20,000 for Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network.

You can discover the legend of Groovy Hollow yourself here.