Start Your NASCAR Media Marketing Engine

Start Your NASCAR Media Marketing Engine

Distributed Content – Getting Everyone on the Same Page

One of the first tasks A.E. Engine helps our partners with is untangling all the different channels they’re currently using for their marketing campaigns. Digital budget, print budget, and activation budgets are each separated and red taped off from each other. We see this in creative departments as well, with publishing on one track, social media on another, video on still another. And all the business time and money ends up going toward managing and coordinating these disparate pieces, rather than where it should be going, toward driving successful outcomes and returns.

The modern media ecosystem, however, operates on Distributed Content. This simply means that rather than there being separate audiences (TV viewers, Magazine readers) that you reach with specific campaigns (TV budget, Print budget), there is only one audience (The Community) that you reach with a singular content campaign distributed across all of the channels the audience engages with (Print, Video, Social, Activations, etc.).

When all channels are combined behind a singular content campaign, the results from each channel “echo” to the other channels, with each successive ping pushing the user farther down the funnel. Let’s take a look at how we create these distributed content campaigns for the NASCAR Community in what we call our Media Marketing Engine.

Media Marketing Engine – Many Voices Singing the Same Song

A.E. Engine helps our partners tie their campaigns together across the full spectrum of media channels available for reaching the NASCAR audience. That includes through NASCAR Pole Position, ROAR!, Eric Estepp’s Out of the Groove, NASCAR Trackside Sampling, social media, and email campaigns.

NASCAR Pole Position

Our flagship publication provides premium, insider content covering all things NASCAR, including drivers, fans, esports pros, and influential personalities.


The viewer’s guide for the modern NASCAR fan provides a twice-weekly digest of the most important information, trends, and storylines before and after every race.

Out of the Groove

One of the most popular NASCAR creators on YouTube, Eric helps drive the weekly conversation around the sport.

NASCAR Trackside Sampling

Fans line up early to get their hands on the latest products from our partners, along with our signature complimentary totes

Social Media

Keep the conversation going online with a daily drum beat of sharable content and giveaways for fans

Email Campaign

Every issue of ROAR, along with important updates from Pole Position and our partners, go out every week to over 50,000 core fans

Full Spectrum Campaigns – How to Drive the Conversation

In the engine above, our partners are able to deliver premium content across the entire NASCAR community, thus quite literally driving the conversation of the fanbase. A sponsor might create a commemorative cover in NASCAR Pole Position magazine, conduct an interview with the driver on Out of the Groove, and stage a fan meet-and-greet at our Trackside Sampling events. Each piece of the engine is finely tuned to its exclusive content strengths. The magazine is of premium production value, built to be kept as memorabilia, while the video interview is trendy and topical, built to touch on the hottest topics in the community, and so on.

Each piece of the engine drives the users further down the funnel. Social media sends them to the video, which sends them to the live event, which sends them home with a copy of the magazine. Or you might see the magazine in Wal-Mart, read about the YouTuber, subscribe to their channel, and end up at the live event. Every piece of content has a clear call to action, and no matter which individual call to action that a user might answer, their destination is always another touchpoint with our partners.  Anywhere you might go to have a conversation about NASCAR, be it social media, the newstand, or YouTube, our partners are there delivering their message and their content direct to the NASCAR community.

Media Engine Case Studies: