FNF Coaches Podcast Has Long-Form Interview Opportunities for Coaches, Advertisers

FNF Coaches Podcast Has Long-Form Interview Opportunities for Coaches, Advertisers

The FNF Coaches Podcast provides yet another avenue for the FNF Coaches staff to enhance its content and advertising products. The long-form format of the free-ranging interviews provides coaches, athletic directors, advertising partners and other industry experts an opportunity to expand on topics without being constrained to the space limits of print or digital media.

The FNF Coaches Podcast debuted as another opportunity for our advertising partners to engage with coaches. Hosted by managing editor Dan Guttenplan, the podcast touches on timely news items and offers coaches and industry experts an opportunity to share their stories. Each podcast includes a guest, such as a coach, CEO, or other industry leader.

The FNF Coaches Podcast is an instrumental piece of the FNF Coaches Platform. Through the podcast, FNF Coaches can attract listeners to explore our other offerings — such as the website, magazine, contests, FNF Coaches Talk posts, social media or weekly newsletter. Our advertising partners can schedule podcasts for their CEOs or sales and marketing directors to share what makes their companies so great to a robust audience of coaches.


What: The FNF Coaches Podcast is a half-hour program (think: radio interview). The podcast gives coaches and industry experts an opportunity to speak to our audience of coaches from 16,000 high schools across the country. The podcast is not aired live. It is recorded, and published on the FNF Coaches website in a timely fashion.

When: The podcast is produced twice monthly (24 times a year). We typically publish within 48 hours of recording.

Who: FNF Coaches managing editor Dan Guttenplan hosts the podcast. He typically opens by introducing the guest. He will then conduct an interview for 20-30 minutes. The tone is positive and conversational.

How: FNF Coaches will handle all of the technical aspects of the podcast — recording, editing, producing. Our guests are asked to connect with Dan Guttenplan on Skype (This is easier than you think!).

What do we talk about? Dan will interview the guest on the subject of his expertise. This could be X’s and O’s, technology, a product, coaching philosophy, etc. Dan can send sample questions in advance.

Where does the podcast appear? It will be catalogued here.

How do we promote it? The podcast will be included in the daily blog post on FNFCoaches.com — FNF Coaches Talk. We will then promote the podcast on Twitter. The FNF Coaches account will have 10,000 followers by the end of 2020. We will also document highlights of podcasts interviews in our monthly print publication, FNF Coaches Magazine.

If you are interested in appearing on the FNF Coaches Podcast, email Dan Guttenplan.