A.E. Engine Serves as Extension of ROXOR Staff in Publishing The ROXOR Adventure

A.E. Engine Serves as Extension of ROXOR Staff in Publishing The ROXOR Adventure

A.E. Engine recently collaborated with ROXOR to produce the Spring/Summer 2020 edition of The ROXOR Adventure Magazine.

The 56-page digital and print publication offers a thorough look at this rapidy-growing off-road vehicle. This edition is complete with embedded videos, breath-taking photography, feature stories and technical data for readers looking to purchase or accessorize their ROXORs.

While overseeing the design, production, printing and distribution of the project, A.E. Engine met its goal of a 30-day turnaround and completed the project well under the budget from publishing efforts in previous years. A.E. Engine’s design, editorial, marketing and sales capabilities served as an extension of the ROXOR staff.

In choosing to work with A.E. Engine, ROXOR added a custom publishing team to its marketing, creative and logistics teams. A.E. Engine staff managed the project from inception to completion.

Review some of the A.E. Engine design work in the gallery below.

Through this project, A.E. Engine showcased its ability to:

Collaborate with another team.

A.E. Engine’s design team worked with ROXOR’s marketing, creative and logistics team. This collaborative process included clear and concise communication so that A.E. Engine could best meet ROXOR’s needs.

Meet deadlines.

A.E. Engine oversaw a project which produced and printed magazines in a 30-day turnaround with shipping on Friday, March 13. Our ability to leverage resources thanks to our print partnership allows our publications to be produced quickly and seamlessly.

Honor budget requests.

A.E. Engine saved ROXOR money on publication costs from previous years thanks to its custom publishing team and existing relationships with printers. A.E. Engine was able to improve the quality of previous ROXOR seasonal magazines at a lesser cost.

Complete national distribution.

The ROXOR Adventure Magazine is also distributed at shows all over the country. The ROXOR marketing strategy is expansive with the company targeting three channels – agriculture, corporate fleet and outdoor recreation. A.E. Engine distributed magazines both in the United States and Canada, including to more than 400 ROXOR dealers.

Showcase digital capabilities.

A.E. Engine was able to offer additional content through its digital publication, which include ROXOR maintenance, installation and adventure videos. The digital edition also includes hyperlinks to various pages on the ROXOR website, as well as improved browsing capabilities, such as the ability to click to specific feature stories from the table of contents.

If you would like to learn about how A.E. Engine can manage your next custom publishing project, contact Craig Baroncelli at [email protected]