RecruitBomb Camp

RecruitBomb Camp

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Next Event: Sunday, April 19, 2015

Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, FL

9am: Registration for all attendees

Event runs from 10am until 3pm


Registration: $49.95

Online registration:

What is the RecruitBomb FNF Magazine Camp Series?

The RecruitBomb Camp Series gives athletes a chance to show off their skills as amateur football players. We want quarterbacks who can throw, wide receivers who can catch, offensive linemen who can block, and defensive backs who can cover and tackle. With the proper approach, it will be an eye-opening experience!

This is a WORK event designed to make the player more prepared for the upcoming spring, summer and fall season. There will be opportunities to improve, refine and learn from some of the best coaches and instructors around.The RecruitBomb Camp Series is a competitive and educational environment for athletes in grades 7 through 11.

We will also provide players and parents with information on the recruiting process from people who know what’s what. With the proper approach, it will be an eye-opening experience! There will photographers, videographers and media on hand as well. Players will also have the opportunity to learn about FNF magazine and how they can get their name in print.

The pilot event was launched in April 2015. A minimum of six events are planed in 2016 throughout Florida. Additional expansion to other FNF magazine states — Alabama, Georgia, Texas, North and South Carolina is currently being reviewed.