How You Can Turn NASCAR Fans Into Super Happy NASCAR Fans

How You Can Turn NASCAR Fans Into Super Happy NASCAR Fans

The ROAR! / Pole Position magazine track sampling tour visited Pocono Raceway this summer. The NPP/ROAR! booth was set up in the infield at Pocono Raceway and we distributed 3,000 bags filled with great products from our partners to super-stoked NASCAR fans.

When we say great, we mean great! Here are some of the super cool, super awesome, super wonderful products NASCAR Fans snagged for free just by stopping by the NASCAR Pole Position / ROAR! Sampling booth at Pocono Raceway. Needless to say, fans were happy … real happy. 😊

  • ROXOR Offroad: A cinch bag that could be use all weekend to haul freebies – as well as other important items — around.
  • Texas Pete: A travel-size bottle of hot sauce; because every race fan should have 24/7/365 access to hot sauce.
  • Folex: A much needed carpet spot remover – because things always get problematic at Pocono.
  • Lafe’s: A travel-size bottle of deodorant. It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s outdoors. Do the math!
  • Monkey Butt Body Powder: See above. Do the math again!
  • Joe’s Hand Cleaner: Insider tip: You can only have fun at Pocono if your hands are getting dirty!
  • Armor Gel: Getting dirty might not be good enough for you … Armor Gel will get those cuts or scrapes you incur covered.
  • Tiger Balm: Did you just pull a hammy racing your bud to the restroom? Get “Tiger Balmed” then.
  • Koozies: Beverage sweat is a serious problem at Pocono. Your beverage’s best friend is now your best friend. Hello friend!
  • $10 off Global Poker Chip: You need to check out this Kurt Busch-themed Global Poker chip. And yes, it does look like Kurt Busch!
  • LubeGard: Cool, retro-designed sticker. It doesn’t say “Kick Me” but will still look great on your buddy’s back or your forehead.
  • Kleinn Air Horns: Ear plugs! Yes, ear plugs! Can you hear me?
  • Brochures and special offers: free t-shirts, discounts and information, oh my!

To get involved with our remaining 2019 tour or discuss our 2020 program, please contact us at [email protected]. Let’s get fans engaging with / consuming / using your product or service.


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