2019 ROAR! Magazine Series

2019 ROAR! Magazine Series

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2019 ROAR! Magazine Series

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Contact: Craig Baroncelli, 727.209.1750, [email protected]
Website: polepositionmag.com/roar
Archives: polepositionmag.com/roar-archives


ROAR! magazine — NASCAR’s only twice-weekly digital magazine — has returned for its seventh year of publication in 2019. ROAR! is published in 72 different editions starting in early February and finishing with the Champions Edition in late November. The ROAR! Rearview edition is distributed each Monday following the previous weekend’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series event. This late-copy publication is designed for a quick turnaround from the completion of the Cup Series race on Sunday night to our publication at 11 a.m. on Monday morning. Our ROAR! staff begins work on Sunday evening designing the cover, selecting photos and assigning stories. On Monday morning, our staff reviews the designed editorial, and sends the publication to subscribers by 11 a.m.

Each preview edition includes a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race preview, Five Favorites, driver profiles, crew member spotlights, historical features, advertorials, and a collection of pertinent photos from that week’s track.

The ROAR! Preview publication is distributed each Thursday afternoon. Each review publication includes Five Lessons Learned, an opinion piece, standings, schedules, and action photos from the weekend’s races.

The ROAR! digital publications are available as a free subscription to more than 90,000 NASCAR fans across the country. Additionally, the magazine is shared with more than 1 million fans via partner and advertiser affiliations.

Fans can get a free lifetime subscription to ROAR! at polepositionmag.com/roar.

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Here’s an example of the ROAR! publication: