2019 Sarasota Polo Magazine and Game Day Programs

2019 Sarasota Polo Magazine and Game Day Programs

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2019 Sarasota Polo Magazine and Game Day Programs

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Contact: Craig Baroncelli, 727.209.1750, [email protected]


Sarasota Polo Magazine is the official annual publication of the Sarasota (Fla.) Polo Club. A.E. Engine is responsible for working with the Sarasota Polo Club editorial staff to produce this 128-page publication. The A.E. Engine staff helped script an editorial plan, assign stories to writers, gather art and images from equestrian artists and photographers, and write and edit all 128 pages. A.E. editorial staff members also hosted Sarasota Polo Club editors in the St. Petersburg, Fla., office a day before going to press to review designed proofs of all 128 pages.

A.E. Engine collaborated with the Wrigley Media Group to provide content for this publication, which is designed to appeal to some 42,000 Sarasota-area polo spectators annually. Sarasota Polo Magazine is distributed complimentary on-site at Sarasota Polo Club during the 22-week polo season, and also is available complimentary at exclusive partners and hotels throughout the Sarasota-Tampa Bay area.

In addition to the annual publication, A.E. Engine publishes a Game Day Program for distribution at Sarasota Polo Club each Sunday during the competition season. The weekly project includes rosters, upcoming events, player profiles, and photos of the day.

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View the 2019 Sarasota Polo Magazine Here: