The FNF Coaches Platform

The FNF Coaches Platform

The FNF Coaches Platform offers a variety of ways for our advertising partners to engage with coaches from more than 16,000 schools across the country. The reach of the platform is sprawling — from the website, print publication, podcast, social media, daily blog post and email campaigns. The FNF Coaches Platform is consistent in its approach across all media streams and is 100 percent committed to providing valuable, entertaining content to high school football coaches.

Our advertising partners have opportunities to engage with our audience in a variety of ways through the FNF Coaches Platform. Those include:

The Website is updated daily with timely coaching content. We offer several ways for our advertising partners to engage with our audience on our website. Our partners can reserve space for their company’s logo and link to their homepage. We also write “advertorials” for our partners, putting an editorial spin on your product in a voice that our audience has grown accustomed to. We also offer the option for “Innovator Spotlights” where we give an executive from a business complete editorial control of a feature story. It is a first-person feature in which the executive explains to our readers why his/her company’s product is important to high school football.

The Magazine

FNF Coaches magazine is distributed to 10,000 coaches six times during the year. Our advertising partners can secure prime position on the cover of the magazine, either as the cover subject or in the form of a logo. Coaches can subscribe to the magazine and have it shipped directly to their homes. The magazine is also shipped to schools in 48 states.

Our advertising partners can secure full-page ads in choice sections of the print publication or have A.E. Engine write an advertorial about the company or product. The magazine touches on some of the most important issues in high school football, such as X’s and O’s, technology, safety, leadership and program-building.FNF Coaches Podcast

The FNF Coaches Podcast will debut in 2020 as another opportunity for our advertising partners to engage with coaches. Hosted by managing editor Dan Guttenplan, the podcast will touch on timely news items and offer coaches and industry experts an opportunity to share their stories. Each podcast will include a guest, such as a college coach, high school coach, CEO, or other industry leader.

Advertising partners can serve as show sponsors, or reserve time for their executives to be interviewed on-air. The podcast will offer coaches-on-the-move an opportunity to hear the news of the day in the car or on the bus on the way to a game.


With our vast social media presence, we can help our partners promote contests that will help market their businesses.

We can do this through any of the media streams on our platform — on our website, in the magazine, on social media, or in newsletters. Through our contests, we can show analytics that share how many eyeballs are seeing these promotional offers, and how much ROI is in it for our partners.

The FNF Coaches contests are beneficial to both our platform and that of our partners. We benefit from the prizes we can offer our loyal audience, and our partners benefit from the promotion we can provide through a variety of avenues.

Social Media

If high school football coaching is the topic, we want to be part of the conversation. There’s no better place to do that than on Twitter. With more than 8,500 followers, our circle of friends is wide on Twitter. Our social media strategy is to engage with our readers and so that we can learn what coaches are REALLY discussing.

We can support the missions of our advertising partners by retweeting, liking, or even promoting discounts and contests through our own Twitter account. The @FNFCoaches handle serves over 750,000 impressions each month, and drives tens of thousands of coaches to our website each month.

@FNFCoaches promotes our partners’ brands with trending content, engagements and contests.

FNF Coaches Talk

FNF Coaches Talk is a daily post on in which we highlight the biggest stories of the day around high school football. In this space, we present three hot topics such as X’s and O’s breakdowns, human interest stories, contests or other opportunities for coaches to learn and grow.

Our advertising partners are often included in the daily post, along with content that drives SEO and make a must-stop for all coaches. The Coaches Talk posts are then shared on Twitter, giving coaches who don’t bookmark the site a reminder that fresh content is available.

Email Newsletter

FNF Coaches deploys a weekly Hot Reads newsletter that keeps coaches up to date on the biggest stories from the week. The weekly newsletter is another sponsorship opportunity for the FNF Coaches advertising partners. The newsletter serves as a digest of the top stories from the website, print publication and FNF Coaches Talk throughout the week. The newsletter also includes offers from partners, advanced looks at the digital edition, and information coaches need throughout the year.

Advertising partners can also engage with FNF Coaches’ entire email list of coaches by sponsoring an exclusive newsletter. This can help the partner promote exclusive offers, contests, or direct traffic to the company website.

All FNF Coaches content is viewable and shareable on any mobile device.

Learn more about the FNF Coaches Platform by contacting Craig Baroncelli at [email protected]