Get a subscription to FNF Coaches magazine

Get a subscription to FNF Coaches magazine

FNF Coaches Subscription

A.E. Engine is now offering an annual subscription to FNF Coaches magazine. First published as a print and digital publication in March of 2016, the magazine will return as a monthly publication in January of 2017 for $29.95. The magazine will publish 10 times per year — each month with the exception of July and August. Subscribe to the monthly publication now on the FNF Coaches subscription site.

FNF Coaches is 100 percent dedicated to high school football coaches. Our intent is to inform coaches on the latest trends and technology advancements in the industry. We provide a blend of content – from inspirational stories and championship tales to product spotlights and app showcases.

We understand that coaching football at the high school level is a year-round endeavor, and there is never enough time for a coach during the offseason to research trends, learn about new technologies and take inventory of a program as a whole. We hope to help with that process by condensing all of that information into one publication.

The print publication will be distributed in high schools throughout the continental United States and is available as an online publication at