FNF Coaches Podcast Features Top Coaches, Industry Leaders

FNF Coaches Podcast Features Top Coaches, Industry Leaders

The FNF Coaches Podcast continues to provide another platform for expert coaches and industry experts to engage with an audience of high school football coaches.

The long-form format of the free-ranging interviews provides coaches, athletic directors and advertising partners with the opportunity to expand on topics without being constrained to the space limits of print or digital media.

Hosted by managing editor Dan Guttenplan, the podcast touches on timely news items and offers coaches and industry experts an opportunity to share their stories. Each podcast includes a guest, such as a coach, CEO, or other industry leader.

In recent months, the podcast has served as a forum for some of the nation’s top coaches to share how they are continuing to lead players during a pandemic.

On a recent podcast, Armwood High (Tampa, Fla.) coach Evan Davis expanded on the way in which his staff has adjusted to restrictions and recommendations from his state athletic association in an effort to keep players safe and prevent the spread of the virus. He reflected on a spring of Zoom meetings, a push to keep players engaged on issues of social justice, and ways in which his team will continue to engage fans this fall.

In an example of how the podcast has provided opportunities for advertising partners to connect with coaches, the FNF Coaches Podcast recently hosted Dartmouth College head coach Buddy Teevens to discuss the ways in which MVP Robotics, a company that manufactures robotic tackling dummies, has helped his team reduce concussions. At Dartmouth, concussions were reduced by 58% in the first two seasons of implementing the MVP Drives into practice. Teevens was the first Division 1 college coach to join the podcast.

In a demonstration of how the podcast can not only inform listeners but also entertain them, we recently hosted national TikTok sensation Marco Regalado on the podcast. The South Texas high school football coach spent the pandemic producing viral, humorous TikTok videos, which helped boost his Twitter following to 14,100 followers.

Regalado shared how he set out to inspire and entertain coaches during an otherwise dark time.

The podcast also serves as an opportunity for our advertising partners to expand on products and services they offer to high school coaches. Sideline Power Founder Matt Starr recently joined the podcast to discuss products like The CoachPad that are helping coaches transition into a new tech-savvy era of high school football.

The FNF Coaches Podcast is an instrumental piece of the FNF Coaches Platform. Through the podcast, FNF Coaches can attract listeners to explore our other offerings — such as the websitemagazine, contests, FNF Coaches Talk postssocial media or weekly newsletter. Our advertising partners can schedule podcasts for their CEOs or sales and marketing directors to share what makes their companies so great to a robust audience of coaches.

If you are interested in appearing on the FNF Coaches Podcast, email Dan Guttenplan.