A.E. Engine Releases Made Here Magazine

A.E. Engine Releases Made Here Magazine


A.E. Engine proudly honors our nation’s Independence Day by introducing a new title to celebrate American made and assembled products.

MADE HERE magazine is a print and digital magazine published biannually in conjunction with the MADE HERE newsletter which is distributed weekly. The MADE HERE platform will launch on August 1.

MADE HERE magazine evolved from an existing A.E. Engine publication — NASCAR Pole Position — as a standalone magazine dedicated to American made products and companies that exemplify the American spirit. A.E. Engine published this edition of MADE HERE with these objectives in mind: to help you understand what it means to be “Made in America”, to bring recognition to American made products, and to make you stop and think before you make your next purchase.

“Some of our most passionate advertising partners in NASCAR Pole Position are companies whose products are made in America,” said Craig Baroncelli, A.E. Engine president and publisher. “We have discussed this concept for a year now and decided during the pandemic that now is the time to produce our launch issue.”


The MADE HERE platform will balance both digital and print content, with the digital elements providing timely updates on what promises to be a major topic in the upcoming election and the coming year due to lessons learned during the pandemic. The print edition will serve as a resource and informative publication that will have a long shelf life due to the nature of the content.

“Digital magazines have gained traction during the pandemic, so our strategy involves converting what we have learned from our digital efforts over the last two months to create compelling digital content without creating a ‘traditional website’,” Baroncelli said. “Our content will focus on editorial and social content with a focus on traditional and influencer-based distribution channels.”

MADE HERE print magazine will be distributed for free at participating national grocery and convenience stores. Distribution details and digital and social media channels will be released at a later date.

Contact: Craig Baroncelli, [email protected]

Title: MADE HERE magazine
Release Date: July 4
Platform: Print, Digital, Newsletter, Social, Podcast
Publisher: A.E. Engine
Twitter: @magmadehere