Eric Estepp, Out of the Groove at the Top of the NASCAR Influencer World

Eric Estepp, Out of the Groove at the Top of the NASCAR Influencer World

YouTube Creator Eric Estepp started his channel creating NASCAR die-cast stop motion videos. As he racked up millions of views, it finally became clear what he wanted to do – create a place for NASCAR fans like himself to come together and talk about everything the sport had to offer – from collecting to the history to the latest news in a silly season. Out of the Groove was born.

Today Out of the Groove is the premiere NASCAR Influencer in all of the sport’s fandom, with Eric’s channel rivaling all but two real world NASCAR drivers. While most of the official channels offer slick, highly produced promos, Eric focuses on the driving factors behind YouTube – authenticity, consistency, and engagement.

Out of the Groove is one of the most trustworthy sources of news in NASCAR largely because Eric presents a comprehensive look at the story. He has his own authentic perspective as a fan, and he shares it only after turning over every rock and checking every nook and cranny for the information. 

The show is also running consistently throughout the year. During the NASCAR season, episodes can come daily or even twice a day. Even during the off-season, there’s plenty of silly season news to keep the fans talking.

And fans talking is the most important part, it’s the reason the show was started after all. Eric is constantly engaging his fans through social media, in the comments, in chat during live streams, and more. 

It’s focusing on these powerful drivers on YouTube that have led Eric Estepp’s Out of the Groove to being atop the NASCAR influencer world.

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