Podcast in a Box

Podcast in a Box

This Content Creation Workshop is designed for your company to create an entirely new podcast from scratch, customized around your needs and engineered to specifically achieve your business goals. It will ensure that your podcast is not only premium quality content, but is also integrated and actively bolsters all of your other marketing channels, from social media to live activations.

Why Start a Podcast?

  1. Consistent Engagement – Podcasts are a great way for your company to stay in contact with your customers and partners. Regular dispatches giving your point of view on your industry help keep your audience engaged and informed.
  2. Valuable Feedback – Podcasts are not only a conversation on-air, but they also open up a regular conversation between your company and your audience. This provides you valuable feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and where you might go next.
  3. Authentic Voice – Giving your customers and partners the opportunity to hear from you directly changes your relationship and helps to convert a customer into a lifetime member.

How Does the Program Work?

We want to help you set up your podcast! We will work with you through the entire process from development through to your episodes going live. 

We will help you develop your podcast, discover your themes, or even help you decide what kind of genre will work best for you. We’ll help set up your equipment and record your shows, and we can even help with editing and production so you stand out. 

And of course, long after your show has started, we’ll have comprehensive analytics and feedback to provide to continue to support your show and your future campaigns.

What ‘s Included in the Podcast-In-A-Box?

  • Strategy – What kind of show will work best for your company, and how do you shape the content around your company’s greatest strengths? That’s what we’ll answer in the strategy phase.
  • Onboarding & Setup – Getting started is easier than ever now, and we’ll show you how. We’ll select the best equipment – all simple plug and play – and help you get from the packaging to a crisp, clear recording in less than an hour.
  • Trial Period – We will create test recordings as well as an “Episode 0” and distribute it privately, collecting feedback from all the stakeholders as well as trusted collaborators to ensure your show is ready for prime time
  • Episode One – We’ll produce and edit your first episode, including music and sound, and then it’s time to go live! From here on out, you’re officially a podcaster.
  • Accounts – We’ll get your show set up and distributed across all the most popular podcasting platforms, like Apple, Google, and Spotify, but also on platforms that may surprise you, from Smart TV’s to Tesla car audio.
  • Analytics – How many downloads did you get? Where do my listeners live? We can tell you all that and more, so you always have the raw data to back up what your audience is telling you and help reveal opportunities you might have missed.

Contact for more information

Craig Baroncelli
[email protected]