Quickly Influence the NASCAR Conversation

These days, just putting your mark on the side of a race car isn’t enough. If you want to really be a part of the NASCAR conversation – especially online – you’ll need content.

The Coming in Hot package allows companies to do just that. By partnering their brand with Eric Estepp on Out of the Groove, they can drive the conversation in the online fan community and truly activate their partnership with the race team. And not only that, but they can accomplish all of this FAST. 

That’s exactly what Charge.Me did to announce their latest project with driver Chandler Smith.

Coming in Hot videos are designed for those few days heading into the race weekend. You’ve got your paint scheme wrapped, your fire suits squared away, but how do you get your branding directly into the online conversation?

Charge.Me was able to activate their partnership with Chandler in just 48 hours. Conversations began on Wednesday, the interview was filmed on Thursday, and the video went live for fans on Friday afternoon.

With just a little discussion and scheduling, Charge.Me was able to pull in over 43,000 views on YouTube before the green flag even waved at Knoxville Raceway. For perspective, the raceway itself only seats 20,000 fans.

Chandler was able to speak directly to fans, and they responded with overwhelming positivity –

Coming in Hot videos utilize specially blocked schedules that not only allow our clients to act quickly, but also to provide them with several options to best tell their story to the online fanbase. In addition to the driver interview episode above, options for Coming in Hot sponsored segments, dedicated episodes, and paint scheme reveals are also available.

If you need to activate your race weekend campaign FAST, Coming in Hot is your best option for reaching the online NASCAR fanbase.