A.E. Engine Instant ROI Program

A.E. Engine Instant ROI Program


A.E. Engine’s Instant ROI program is unique way to convert readers into customers.

Simply put, involvement in the Instant ROI Program guarantees sales. The Instant ROI Program is a multi-platform, content marketing strategy that guarantees its results in the form of tangible sales of your product.

The Instant ROI Program creates a unique bond between the customer (school or club), company (you) and the media partner (A.E. Engine). A.E. Engine guarantees a member of its coaching network will purchase your product, and A.E. Engine will serve a facilitator of each transaction to ensure it happens.

The Instant ROI Program consists of five components that will create exposure and sales for your product. The components, when combined, create a unique exposure that will generate maximum awareness and bottom-line results.

The five components of the ROI program are:

1. Guaranteed sales of your product or service

2. Content integration

3. Product placement

4. Targeted email marketing

5. Print + Digital advertising

Advertisers can learn more at www.ae-engine.com/roi


Website: www.ae-engine.com/roi
Contact: David Watson at [email protected], 727.209.0789