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Inside the A.E. Engine Advertisers Site

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Ad site

The A.E. Engine advertiser’s microsite provides current clients with the ability to access and upload advertising information.

Launched in 2012, the site allows clients to download advertising specs and InDesign page templates for both digital and print publications. The site also provides an InDesign job options file that allows for easy and accurate exporting to a press-ready PDF.

The site is also the preferred way to transmit ads to A.E. Engine. Ads of any size can be uploaded directly to A.E. Engine and a return receipt is provided once the upload is complete.

Additionally, the A.E. Engine team utilizes the site to issue final proofs approvals for all ads that will appear in an A.E. Engine publication.

To access the advertising site, please contact your account executive or email our support team at [email protected].

    Website: to access the website, please contact your account executive for the address or email [email protected]
    Contact: Stacey Foster at [email protected], 727.209.1753

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