32 Schools Participate in the 2016 FNF Custom Cover Project

32 Schools Participate in the 2016 FNF Custom Cover Project


A total of 32 schools took advantage of the 2016 Friday Night Football Magazine Custom Cover Project, allowing those teams to customize the publication to their specific requests.

The Custom Cover Project allows team to customize the cover as well as three additional full-page cover pages, a team preview inside the magazine and 400 copies to sell to fans.

The full-page preview was a new addition to the program in 2016, as each team that took part in the program received a 700-word preview story as well as additional space for photos, team facts, a roster, a list of coaches and headshots for up to 14 players.

“I feel we’ve been successful because all of our kids appear on the magazine, regardless of varsity or sub-varsity,” said Veterans Memorial (TX) coach David Cantu. “Our method is to have all of our seniors on the front cover, juniors on the inside cover, sophomores on the inside back cover, and we use the back cover for our schedule and action shots.”

Successful schools are able to give players the magazines for free and sell the rest for $10 per copy. If a coach is able to secure advertising revenue by selling local businesses ads on the allotted cover pages, a school can make close to $10,000 as a fundraiser.

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