2019 NASCAR Trackside Sampling Program

2019 NASCAR Trackside Sampling Program

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2019 NASCAR Trackside Sampling Program

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Contact: David Watson, 727.209.0789, [email protected]
Website: polepositionmag.com/sampling


In 2019, more than 250,000 NASCAR Pole Position partner products will be distributed to eager NASCAR fans as part of the Trackside Sampling program.

NASCAR Pole Position has six sampling events scheduled for 2019: Daytona in February, Texas in March, Charlotte in May, Pocono in July, Bristol in August and Darlington in September.

Representatives from the NASCAR Pole Position staff will package “goody bags” full of products, coupons, and literature from our partners and distribute the bags to eager fans on side.

The fans start lining up early outside the booth to receive their own “goody bags”.

This is a great opportunity to for NASCAR Pole Position partners to showcase their products, coupons or literature to NASCAR fans at the track.