US Youth Soccer partners with BUBBA burger

US Youth Soccer partners with BUBBA burger

Bubba Burger

US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the nation, is proud to announce BUBBA burger, makers of delicious and juicy all natural frozen burger patties, as official sponsor. BUBBA burgers can be ready in 10 minutes or less — ideal for a fun treat for active soccer families.

The new partnership will highlight BUBBA burger’s popular frozen burgers, which make it the No. 1 Retail Branded Frozen burger in the United States. BUBBA burger never adds preservatives or artificial ingredients. The newest items include a variety of BUBBA Turkey burgers and the new BUBBA Veggie burger that has been a big hit. The new Veggie burgers use hearty chunks of vegetable, Beans and Oats. All BUBBA burgers are gluten free and can be cooked from a frozen state and still remain juicy and flavorful.

Created in the early 1990s by Walter “Bubba” Eaves, BUBBA burger has always had a mission to create the perfect burger that Bubba “would be proud to serve to his friends at his home.” With that in mind, BUBBA burgers maintains the highest level of quality through their commitment to using the very best cuts and ingredients in any of their burgers. From the Original BUBBA burger to the new BUBBA Veggie burger, a delicious quality burger has always been the goal.

“BUBBA burger believes in strong partnerships that build better communities and the partnership with US Youth Soccer and BUBBA burger is a perfect fit.” said BUBBA burger VP of Marketing Andy Stenson. “BUBBA burger is one of those all-American products that came from a desire to create the perfect burger and is a natural choice for quality and convenience for families. You can take them right from your freezer to your grill or skillet and BUBBA burgers come in many varieties to fit any taste!”

BUBBA burger will be on-site at several US Youth Soccer summer events and will look to add value to local communities through activation and club partnership opportunities.
“Not only are our families passionate about soccer but they are also concerned about eating foods with natural ingredients, and that’s one of the reasons why BUBBA burger is a great fit for us,” said US Youth Soccer CEO Chris Moore. “We are excited to welcome BUBBA burger to the US Youth Soccer sponsor family.”

The US Youth Soccer – BUBBA burger relationship was forged by A.E. Engine, and its Activation FC business unit which is focused on finding grassroots soccer opportunities for its clients. The BUBBA burger agreement represents Activation FC’s first execution since the entity was formed in January 2016.


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