Trevor Bales

YouTube Homestead Lifestyle Content Creator, of Bales Hay Farm & Ranch Feed Store

YouTube Homestead Lifestyle Content Creator:

Trevor Bales, of Bales Hay Farm & Ranch Feed Store

Bales Hay is a Farming YouTube Channel with 42,000 subscribers that has gained over 2 million views in just a few short years. Each week Trevor Bales details the daily life – and the nonstop WORK – of being a sixth generational homesteader. Take a ride in the hay squeeze, round up some cattle, haul some serious hay, see how he manages a small fleet of semis – you never know what the farming lifestyle will bring!

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Sharable & Actionable Native Content Opportunities

Bales Hay delivers high quality, engaging content on YouTube and social media every week, providing our partners with shareable content, user acquisition, and robust engagement metrics for their own digital channels and campaigns. These aren’t cold logo placements, Trevor incorporates brands directly into the show to ensure that our partners are connecting directly to the audience, and delivering them each a special experience that’s only possible with their support.

Custom Video Episodes

Create shareable content that permanently performs in the algorithm by dedicating an entire episode to your brand, your messaging, and your product.

Native Video Segments

Title sponsorship of a native segment on Bales Hay puts your brand in the center of the farming conversation online and builds the credibility you need to turn fans into customers

Product Placements

Your product takes the spotlight as Trevor incorporates it directly into the content, including practical, real world use-cases in his everyday work, along with clear messaging and a call to action delivered authentically.

Actionable Analytics

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Bales Hay Farm and Ranch is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the homestead lifestyle category. Working with and learning from some of the best creators in the scene, Trevor Bales has built an enormous community of fans and fellow ranchers who tune in every week to follow the adventures of being a sixth generational hay farmer. 

There’s no movie magic here! Bales Hay Farm is a fully-functioning and operational family farm. Every day Trevor leads his crew on the never-ending work of running a hay farm. Episodes cover not only the growing and harvesting of the hay, but also all the other facets of being a rancher – from hiring new staff to negotiating deals with his fellow farmers and neighbors. 

Bales Hay is the perfect YouTube partner to get in front of this dedicated and passionate audience of farmers, workers, and fans of good old fashioned American hard work!

Who is Trevor Bales?

Trevor Bales is a 6th generational farmer, whose family began farming as homesteaders over 100 years ago in Buckeye, Arizona back in 1891. He, his family, and his whole crew of employees grow, harvest, and store feed for wholesale and retail customers to purchase throughout the year.

Trevor started his channel in late 2019, and has already grown to over 40,000 subscribers and averages over 250,000 views per month. He has worked with some of the biggest creators in the scene, and his sense of humor is a fan favorite with his highly engaged community of viewers and followers.

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