Three Schools Honored for FNF Custom Cover Project Success

Three Schools Honored for FNF Custom Cover Project Success

The FNF Magazine Custom Cover Project is the gift that keeps on giving for three schools.

FNF Magazine has recognized San Diego (TX), Highland Park (TX) and Edna (TX) for excellence in participation in the annual Custom Cover Project. All three schools were featured on the cover of FNF Magazine due to their participation in the unique offseason fundraising opportunity.

Through the Custom Cover Project, schools in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina had the opportunity to showcase their players on the cover and inside pages of the magazine through photos, features stories and team capsules. The team-specific editions gave schools an opportunity to fundraise as much as $8,000 per school.

FNF Magazine recognized San Diego and Highland Park as co-recipients of Cover of the Year honors. Edna earned the honor through the uniqueness of the cover shoot, which saw players posing in cowboy hats around the Edna town sign. The Edna photographer also produced crisp photos that allowed our designers to showcase this image in an attractive cover design.

San Diego earned the Cover of the Year honor thanks to the quality of its cover image as well as the uniform pose of all of the players in the photo. Highland Park nailed the overhead angle shot, and players expressed emotion in their poses, which always makes for a better photo.

Congratulations to these Custom Cover Project schools for executing their fundraising effort to perfection. Thank you to all of the photographers, school administrators, coaches, booster club members and players that made these projects such a success.

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