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ROAR! Digital Magazine Continues Growth

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The first issue of ROAR! Race Preview magazine was published on February 20, 2013 to provide NASCAR fans with a weekly magazine experience, something that has been lacking since the last NASCAR weekly folded in 2010.

Due to the nature of newsstand distribution today (that’s soft speak for “it’s a mess”), the best way to deliver timely news, information and opinion to NASCAR fans is via digital means. ROAR!  set out to create a magazine-like experience that cannot be found on a web page as readers can flip through each week’s edition on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. The magazine is provided to fans as a free, lifetime subscription and is available to be read via a mobile app or on a computer desktop (via a link provided in an email) weekly 38 times during the NASCAR season.

Since its soft launch in February, ROAR! has seen a steady increase in email subscribers, app downloads and also shared page views via the ROAR! platform’s social media  capabilities. ROAR! has partnered with both Jeff Gordon Inc. and the Tony Stewart Foundation in a content-sharing arrangement. Additionally, several ROAR! advertisers have entered into similar agreements, which allow their Facebook and Twitter fans to appear within the pages of ROAR!

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