Jerry’s Notebook


In Honor of Jerry

Our husband, father, grandfather, friend passed away at 6:52pm, Friday, January 18, 2019. He went to Heaven in peace, surrounded by not only family members but also prayers (and funny stories) from across the country!

In lieu of flowers and to honor Gerard “Jerry” Baroncelli, we are asking his friends to donate to Building Homes for Heroes. This is an organization that was near and dear to Jerry’s heart. Our family is going to match all donations. Click the button to donate and please note the honoree as Jerry Baroncelli!

Memories of Jerry

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Susan Goodman

Hey Jerry,
This is your Favorite Sales Rep as I would always say kiddingly when reaching out to you and as you would always say in such a fun and endearing way when I would walk into your office, “Oh no! Here she comes again!” I miss hearing you say that so very much!!! Eddie, Shelby, Maddie and I are reaching out to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you for a Speedy Recovery!!! Now remember, Centric cannot afford for you to be sick because although you are retired now, we all know
THAT YOU ARE STILL CARRYING THE WEIGHT OF THE COMPANY ON YOUR SHOULDERS!!!! We would always end our meetings with this fun and jovial phrase. I miss our meetings and conversations although starting with business at hand, you always took the time to be interested in my family by asking how Maddie and Shelby were doing and being interested in their college journeys.. It was great talking about your memories of your kids being in college and in turn conversations about your fun times with your grand kids and family!
You are a very funny guy and I thank you for always making me laugh and truly relieving the stress of a work day! Feel better so we can talk soon. Thinking of you and sending our love and hugs always!

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Frank Curreri


there is only one watch that comes close to the Baroncelli watch. It is the Curreri watch! It may not be as well crafted as the Baroncelli watch, but it has more heart and love! The Curreri – Italia watch is special because of the thought and care that went into its design. It is by far one of the most special gifts that I have ever received! You will always be my Italian kin, even though you were from northern Italy! We could always count on each other really being and acting Italian and it made our relationship so special! That’s why I never got mad when Lorraine would call you at work to say hi 😄. We both love you a ton and want nothing more than you to get well!!! You and your family are in our hearts and prayers not only now, but always!

Ti voglio bene fratello!

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Michael Frate

Hey there Jerry! Remember when you first started at Centric Sean W and I were the “IT team” and sat hidden in the back corner of the building. You set up shop in the room with us and from that moment on I can say that I have learned so much from you. You have quite a presence whether you are speaking (or should I say “performing”) at a meeting or just hanging out drinking a Heineken with people. Then somehow you talked me into dropping you off at the airport almost every weekend and left your car (that original one was quite the gem) at my house for each of those weekends and then I would pick you up either Sunday night or Monday morning. We did that for quite a long time and it was always interesting to hear your take and opinion on whatever the folks on the talk radio station you had on were yakking about. Then you upgraded your vehicle to the Infinity …. what a tank that was. I must say I loved the opportunity to drive that thing! Everything was uneventful until that one Friday we were meeting at my house so I could take you to the airport and you pulled the Infinity into my driveway, jumped out quickly (I believe you were running late for the flight), jumped in my car and off we went. Well as it was the weekend passed and I did not do anything with your car. Monday morning comes and I am getting ready to drive the Infinity down to the airport to pick you up. Low and behold I open the drivers door, start to get in and I notice that it was wet inside (it had literally poured all weekend). I looked up at the sunroof and saw that the it had been left open. Not to spend too much time on how wet it was but just as a reference .. the cup holders in the middle console were both full to the brim! I almost passed out! I ran in my house, grabbed an armful of towels and did my best to sop up all the water. Then on my way down to get you was trying to think how to tell you. Anyway ….. you took it all in stride and the only thing you did was keep one of my daughters towels (had her elementary school name on it) for 10+ years before giving it back. I guess a story like that probably doesn’t do much for others but I believe it puts a smile on both our faces. I wish I had a picture of what mine looked like when I first opened that door that morning!!! Then after several more weekend trips you started telling me how Toni was giving you a hard time about “taking advantage of Mike” although I am not sure if that was the actual story. So whether it was Toni thinking I was being taken advantage of or it was you just getting bored with me that stopped our weekly excursions to and from the airport know that anytime you and Toni pass through Baltimore and need a lift somewhere always know that I will be your personal Uber driver if needed!!! Oh wow!! I just remembered the time you called me to come get you because you got a flat near my Mom’s house and I was in West Virginia so I couldn’t help you. I felt so guilty that I wasn’t there to help you but I must say you once again were very understanding and forgave me. Many other stories, trip to New York in Rick’s car with you nodding off in front seat, Cabo trip, golf outings, the “therapy” sessions in the Supervisor’s room with the guys, just to mention a few …… you know the details (wink, wink)!!
Jerry you are an absolute NUT!! Take care!!! Talk to you soon!!!

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Frank Curreri

An Italian in the Witness Protection Program.jpg

Below is a photo of what an elder Italian can look like in the Witness Protection Program. Get well Paisan,….I mean Senor!!! It’s hard to get good pasta and bolognese wearing a sombrero! Love you, my friend! Stay strong, like when you were lifting and had muscles!
Toni Remembers!!!
Remember, that weightlifting that we did gave you the strength to carry Centric on your back for so many years!!!


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Cus Service once again


We will not go away, you cannot make us. You were and always will be such a big part of our Customer Service Dept. We thought you would like to see all of our cold smiling faces. Praying for your speedy recovery. Now once you are home we will be watching our mail for our plane tickets down there to visit. Take care young man see you soon.

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Hi Jerry! I was just thinking about the time when you invited me to cheese and wine at your apartment. When I arrived, you and Toni had a lovely layout of appetizers and a good bottle of wine. We had a lovely time and at the conclusion of the evening, you and Toni corked the bottle of leftover wine and handed it to me to take home. I then proceeded to leave your apartment, except I opened the wrong door and went into your bedroom! You have never let that go and it has been a longstanding joke on me! Praying for you my friend, God is with you.

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group-shot 2.png

There are just too many of us for one photo any more. You know you made this possible. Thanks for all your support and Guidance along the way.