FNF Coaches Will Publish Eight Times in 2017

FNF Coaches Will Publish Eight Times in 2017

FNF Coaches Mag

FNF Coaches magazine made its debut in the spring of 2016. The publication is entirely devoted to high school football coaches.

Starting in 2017, FNF Coaches magazine will publish much more frequently – eight times per year. The publication gives high school football coaches all of the latest information about advances in the sport and showcases some of the best products on the market for high school programs. The magazine is distributed in high schools across the continental United States and is available as an online publication at fnfcoaches.com/. Coaches that are not on our mailing list and are interested in receiving copies in the future can contact us at [email protected].

FNFCoaches.com is built for both veteran and new football coaches alike, with viewing available by mobile phone, tablet and desktop. The idea is to keep coaches engaged on the site year-round. Coaches can trade tips on the message board and look to FNF Coaches for breakdowns of the best new products and technologies in the industry.

First published as a print and digital publication in March of 2016, FNF Coaches magazine will offer subscriptions for $29.95 per year on the FNF Coaches subscription site.

FNF Coaches magazine is brought to you by the same publishing company that produces the Friday Night Football magazine across six states – Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and North and South Carolina. More than 180,000 copies of the magazine series will be distributed to newsstands in six states via major retailers including Walmart, Walgreen, CVS and major regional grocers.

Coaches in those states who are interested in learning more about FNF magazine or the Custom Cover Project, which allows coaches to customize the cover and inside pages of the publication, can visit FNFCoaches.com.