Dover Motorsports

Official Dover and Nashville Race Program Ad Specs



There are two ad sizes for this publication. Download the appropriate template to use in Adobe InDesign, or use the images and guides at the bottom of this page to build your ad.

One Page Ad Template

Half Page Ad Template



  • Is the ad internally approved by all necessary parties?
  • Run a preflight check on the completed design using the profile embedded in the template file.
  • Are all of the images high-resolution (at least 300dpi)?
  • Does the design include the required bleed (extend beyond the edges of the page)?
  • Are all of the important elements (type, logos and borders) at least .5″ away from the sides of the page?



Export the original design file as a press-ready PDF. To ensure this is done correctly, download and install the “AEEngine.joboptions” file. Then use it to create the PDF in Adobe InDesign.

Name your PDF as follow:


Ex: DOV-PeetsTires-1pg.pdf



After you have worked through your own preflight process to ensure everything is approved and press-ready, please upload the ad and provide the necessary contact information here:

Important Points:

Use high-resolution images

Keep type and logos at least .25″ away from the edges

Include a .125″ bleed on each edge

Ad Sizes

A.E. Engine Media and Marketing

One Page Ad

  • Bleed: .125″
  • Document Size: 8.375″ wide, 10.875″ high
  • Margin: .5″
A.E. Engine Media and Marketing

Half Page Ad

  • Bleed: .125″
  • Document Size: 8.375″ wide, 5.4375″ high
  • Margin: .25″