2019 FNF Tampa Bay Magazine

2019 FNF Tampa Bay Magazine

The inaugural FNF Tampa Bay Magazine is scheduled for publication in July of 2019. A.E. Engine is excited to produce a magazine exclusively dedicated to high school football in our hometown market of Tampa Bay. Copies of the magazine series will be distributed to newsstands throughout the region. In addition, FNF’s Custom Cover Project fundraiser will result in the distribution of more magazines directly to fans at participating schools. Copies can also be purchased on FNF’s official website – wwwFNFmagazine.com.

Since 2009, Friday Night Football (FNF) has had an annual mission to publish statewide football preview magazines that capture everything great about high school football. This year, we decided to reinvent the way we cover and celebrate high school football.

FNF Tampa’s stories will take readers behind the scenes with exclusive looks at the people who make high school football great – like coaches, fans, team moms, referees, concessions workers, public-address announcers and athletic directors. FNF Tampa will cover 80-plus high schools in the region with players, coaches, parents and fans in mind. The magazine will expand to 128 pages to highlight the teams and partnerships that might high school football in the Tampa region so special.

FNF Tampa also is giving coaches an opportunity to make the magazine their own through a full-page team preview on the inside of the magazine. This allows coaches to take editorial control while working with the FNF team to decide what to write and how to design this special page.

Contact: Craig Baroncelli, 727.209.1750, [email protected]
Website: www.FNFmagazine.com/