2015-16 U.S. Army FUEL Basketball Tour

2015-16 U.S. Army FUEL Basketball Tour

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The FUEL Basketball Campus Tour is an event marketing program that connects companies with high school students, families and fans during high school basketball games.

As part of the US Army-sponsored tour during the 2015-16 season, FUEL hosted stops at the following Florida schools: Gibbs High, Clearwater High, Northside Christian and Hernando High. The stop at Clearwater High gave the US Army exposure to all eight schools competing in the Tornado Winter Storm Shootout.

At each stop, FUEL hosted a luncheon for teachers and administrators, providing US Army recruiters an opportunity to share information about the March 2 Success program, a program designed to give high school students guidance in improving study habits and test-taking.

FUEL Basketball Tour representatives and US Army recruiters then returned for the basketball game and set up a table by the entrance to each school’s gym. The interactive and engaging experience was tailored to the basketball audience with halftime promotions, give-aways, announcements and presentations.

Contact: Craig Baroncelli, 727.209.1750, [email protected]
Website: www.fnfcampustour.com