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A.E. Engine Video & Animation Studio

You Can No Longer Wow Your Customer Base with Words Alone!

Your social media video strategy now needs to include high quality video and animation design that not only reflects your brand, but also is built to engage your customers.

What we do

  • Social Media
  • Animated Stories and Posts
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Commercials
  • Informational & Training Videos 

Benefits of working with us

  • We are creative and nimble
  • We can utilize your branding and logos in many different ways 
  • Our total project management approach is efficient and cost effective
  • We are an extension of your own creative design team

See Gary in action

The examples displayed are work commissioned to Gary Sexton.


This 15 second YouTube pre-roll ad was created for the brand Which Which. The goal was to make a short, attention grabbing, loud and easy to read video that aligned with the brand.

Traditional Supreme

This is a 30 second TV spot for the brand Round Table Pizza. The focus of the spot is the product, and it’s delivered to you through a series of music matched cuts and stylistic edits, topped off with a bit of motion typography to help keep it moving along.

Short and to the point

This is a 6 second pre-roll ad created for Ocean City Maryland, with the idea behind this spot and a series of 6 second pieces being to drive more tourism to Ocean City. By using sounds and imagery you are thrust into the memory of what it is like to visit the beach.

Let the Graphics do the Talking

This 30 second narrated motion graphics spot was created for the brand Successories in order to visually highlight the companies specialization in Employee Appreciation Awards. Using Animated Characters, Scenes and Typography, messaging and mood is presented in a clean and concise manner to help viewers understand the brand.


This example was created for Mobil 1 Racing’s Instagram. This video is a part of a larger collection of videos spanning different forms of Auto Racing, all adhering to Mobil 1 Racing’s brand vision.

Gary Sexton A.E. Engine Video & Animation Studio

About Creative Director Gary Sexton

Now with more than a decade of video marketing and creative advertising experience, Gary began his professional journey in film school where he learned the basics of film production and lighting. This start laid the foundation for his career as a professional designer with a demonstrated history of working in advertising, production, motion pictures, racing and eSports.

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