FNF Coaches Partnership Marketer

FNF Coaches Partnership Marketer

Who we are looking for: Individuals across the country who have are interested in developing relationships with football companies that want to reach high school football coaches in unique and engaging ways. We are looking for entrepreneurially-minded individuals who want to use their contacts and football knowledge to supplement their current income while becoming a contributor to the FNF Coaches team. These jobs will be handled on a “contract” basis which means you can accept this position as a part-time opportunity and you are compensated for your contributions.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Experienced: Your knowledge of high school football is exceptional and because of that you can engage with a business partner to provide them solutions that will expand their business.
  • Able to connect the dots: You can figure out how to take what a company wants to accomplish and work with the FNF Coaches team to create solutions.
  • Driven: You work like you coach. Enough said.

The job:

  • This job requires you to contact companies and engage them in conversations. Therefore, you must have strong communication skills and be willing to make cold-calls.
  • You will be most productive by calling schools on the phone, although email can work as an ice-breaker as well.
  • The FNF Coaches team in Florida will work with you on a regular basis to discuss opportunities and strategies. We will also assist in closing business and you still receive the commission.
  • We have found companies enjoy speaking with coaches because coaches can provide insight into how to position their product or service in the marketplace.
  • The FNF Coaches support team will work closely with you to teach you and support you with the digital and print publishing ropes — so you can focus on developing the relationship with the client.
  • We will stick with you every step of the way and will also provide all the sales support that is needed including: media kits, building proposals and even emailing or mailing packages to prospective clients.

Additional comments:

  • This is a contract position, which means you can also handle other job responsibilities including a full-time job and coaching.

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