Dusty Baker

YouTube Ranch and Homestead Lifestyle Creator, of Cross Timber Bison

YouTube Ranch and Homestead Lifestyle Creator, of Cross Timber Bison

Dusty Baker
Cross Timbers Bison

Cross Timbers Bison is a ranching YouTube Channel with over 175,000 subscribers. Since launching in Mid-2018, the channel has grown to over 1.75 million views per month. Each week Dusty posts two videos showing the trials and tribulations of raising a Bison herd from scratch. Viewers especially love the antics and adventures of the main stars – Big Joe, Dunbar, and Eleanor.

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In this video, Dusty shows how the SimpliSafe line of products has helped him around the ranch and at home

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Cross Timbers Bison is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the homestead lifestyle category. Beginning the channel just a few years ago, the videos have reached nearly 30 million views and brought Dusty over 130,000 subscribers.

Dusty Baker started his channel, Cross Timbers Bison, in 2018 to help show these amazing Ice Age animals to the world. His channel chronicles his entire journey from starting the Bison herd all the way through raising them and working them on his farm. Viewers delight at seeing these creatures in action, especially the stars of the channel – Dunbar, Eleanor, and Big Joe.

New episodes are published every Thursday and Sunday on YouTube, and every Saturday and Tuesday on Facebook.

Cross Timbers Bison is the perfect YouTube partner to get in front of this dedicated and passionate audience of farmers, workers, and fans of good old fashioned American hard work!

Who is Dusty Baker?

Dusty Baker has been living the country lifestyle all of his life. Growing up in Sulphur, Oklahoma, he lived near the national park and even took on jobs working with the wildlife. After becoming a teacher and coach, Dusty and his wife eventually decided to move back to the country where they founded Cross Timber Bison. In just a few years, they’ve grown their herd from one to 27, and have branched out into everything from Bison Socials with the animals to a line of beef jerky and meat stick.

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Why are people subscribing to Cross Timbers Bison Can Go To Work For Your Brand on YouTube?

Well, you only need to watch the first 15 second of this video to get your answer.