Darlington Throwback Weekend

A.E. Engine & Out of the Groove Content and Activations Combine for Unbeatable Consumer Engagement

The Dream Team at Darlington

NASCAR Pole Position
A.E. Engine Ad Specs Out of the Groove


Eric Estepp, host of Out of the Groove, engaged his community and promoted the event through several videos leading up to and during the event.

Featured Segments

Clients utilized featured segments on Out of the Groove to create a drumbeat of hype leading up to the race – which included the promotion of at-track meetups and online giveaways for fans on social media

Goodyear Sponsored Segment

  • 60,000+ Views
  • 600+ Comments

Goodyear Contest Promotion

  • 40,000+ Views
  • 500+ Comments

ROXOR Sponsored Segment

  • 30,000+ Views
  • 200+ Comments

Exclusive Interviews

Clients offered Out of the Groove exclusive access to race-day VIP’s, giving fans a heretofore unseen view into the inner workings of a NASCAR race

At the Track with Goodyear’s Rick Heinrich

  • 10,000+ Views
  • 50+ Comments

Podcast with Goodyear’s Rick Stucker

  • 5,000+ Video Views
  • 1,000+ Audio Downloads

Race Day Vlogs

The close partnership with clients allowed Out of the Groove unprecedented access to race day activities, from an exclusive meetup space at the booth to a view from inside Victory Lane itself

  • 18,000+ Views
  • 100+ Comments

Social Media

Eric Estepp kept the excitement going for the event with drumbeat promotion leading up to and during the event

Contests & Giveaways

Contest engagement was guaranteed by putting the link in front of the exact right audience – core NASCAR fans on social media

Fan Meetups

Booths provided the perfect location for content creator meetups with fans, driving fans to the booth and keeping them there to engage with the brand

Exclusive Access

From interviews to Victory Lane celebrations, clients and content creators worked shoulder to shoulder to provided fans a completely unique content experience


Eric’s audience – the Groovy Gang – responded with overwhelming enthusiasm to the content from Darlington Throwback Weekend

How We Did It



The weekend actually began months in advance, with virtual face-to-face meetings that included the clients, content creators, and project managers




Each piece of content was customized to specifications and put through a rigorous approval process with legal and marketing stakeholders




The lead-up to the Darlington weekend included a series of meetings with all stakeholders covering everything from schedules to locations to logistics



Throwback Weekend

The entire three day weekend was scheduled out down to half hour blocks to ensure that all content creators, staff, and stakeholders were on time and exactly where they needed to be




The activation continued even past the waving of the checkered flag, with raceday vlogs and interviews in production and social media content continuing the excitement online

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